The Ripple Effects of Entrepreneurship


As you all know, Secret Entourage believes in creating more entrepreneurs, and not business owners. While they share similarities, they also share tremendous differences. One of those very noticeable differences is what we call the ripple effect of entrepreneurship. This particular way of thinking can be applied in order to succeed but can also be applied when considering the personal fulfillment side of entrepreneurship.

What is the Ripple Effect?

In business, actions create equal reactions and based on the intensity of the action, a somewhat similar reaction is created.

In entrepreneurship, however, actions often have reactions that are magnified by the people impacted. In other words, you are no longer trading actions for reactions; you are trading actions for chain reactions.

Your effort is magnified because of its worth being so significant to those it impacts personally. It’s almost the same concept as when something goes viral, as it is the result of an emotional reaction in those who share it.

Business is about money, while entrepreneurship is about value creation.

There is a significant difference when you provide value vs simply providing an exchange of monetary value. When you plant seeds in entrepreneurship, those seeds tend to grow and cultivate and lend to more than one path being created as a result.

For all of you who take on entrepreneurship and sometimes wonder if someone is reading, if someone is watching, or even if anyone cares about what you are doing, perhaps understand that just like a bamboo, your continuous effort and perseverance is not directly translated into gradual growth but rather creating a ripple that in due time will translate to a fully grown tree, even if at times it seems it is going unnoticed.

The benefit of true entrepreneurship is in the residualized ripple it creates. This is why MLM or even working for others will never be entrepreneurial, even if the illusion of entrepreneurship is created in order to lure you in.

You can never create residualized value when you don’t control the amount of value you provide and are given guidelines and rules to adhere by. Understand that the hard work you put in when taking on entrepreneurship is always residualized and often enables you to automate, while business doesn’t.

Don’t forget that next time you start a business.