The Power of Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

There is a major difference between the American Dream and American Greed, one that many do not seem to be able to differentiate. In my years of working for others and myself, I have met quite a very interesting and diverse crowd of people. Many of which worked for me over the years, with the hopes of one day also owning exotic cars, large homes and to basically live the American Dream of being financially independent.

Career Opportunities

Yet many have failed drastically in their journey, while others have gotten very far and have grasped the concept well. The main component to their success was their ability to differentiate reality from fiction and drive results through their hard work. Since this is a topic I come across quite a bit, I figure sharing my thought with you might help you in making sure you are living in the right mindset and not so much dreaming it.

The career opportunities presented to you in life to grow are simply opportunities and not outcomes; you are the driver of those outcomes. The biggest issue dreamers have is their main focus is the outcome they seek and not the actual work that it takes to get there. An opportunity is nothing more than a chance at something, such as getting your foot in the door with a company, getting a loan to start a business, or starting your own venture from home. Those are all good and valid career opportunities that have the ability to lead to major income and freedom but yet are often discarded due to the fact that most will focus their energy towards the top before even starting on day 1, therefore minimizing their chances of moving up as their quality of work will not be as strong as those more focused on their role today. Another example of this is those that already have plans on spending their money, before they even made it; this is definitely a strong indicator that you are dealing with a dreamer rather than a hard worker.

Where are those career opportunities?

They are all around us and they are visible to all of us in different ways, as they look appealing to us only if they are a match to what we need. If you are a hard worker, then opportunity exists in every form or shape, and is openly available for you no matter where you work. You will find a way to the top regardless of where you work, or will make the best of what you have to help you grow. If you are a dreamer then opportunities exist only where you enjoy seeing them, as dreamers often tend to envision themselves in the role they will be taking today and not so much look at the long term path and choices that will be made. Dreamers often focus on today, and the outcomes to their work, even if not complete but hard workers spend their time focusing on improving their skill sets and being recognized to a degree rather than trying to figure out what their next big purchase will be.

How do you stop dreaming?

Having goals is necessary, and so I will never ask anyone to not have larger/long term goals but I will say that if you do not set smaller goals, that are based on actions you take then you end up becoming a dreamer that only sets monetary goals, or goals associated with goods they desire. In other words, hard workers are interested in their growth which will lead to more money, and dreamers are interested in the paychecks they will acquire and what they ll be able to buy with them once they get promoted. The two different mindsets are very similar but very different at the same time. In order to stop dreaming, simply stop worrying about what you will do once you get paid but rather focus on what you need to do to get paid more per hour.

The Secret mindset is very similar to this idea as we simply provide you with a perspective/opportunity to think differently and to see yourself grow in life, rather than just find yourself at a standstill. We don’t offer you solutions to waking up rich or provide you you the tricks to getting wealthy overnight with real estate (because it doesn’t exist). We simply offer you a better you, one that can differentiate real career opportunities from scams and one that can understand its own potential and path to success no matter what success looks like and no matter where your path may lead.

Stop dreaming, stop expecting to get rich overnight, stop envisioning how to spend money before you make it and start focusing on growing yourself into the level you desire first by being able to differentiate real career opportunities from all the various get rich quick ones, then start spending your hard earned money on anything you desire, but something tells me that when you do indeed work hard enough to make your first 100K or million, you ll be very attached to it and may not want the same things you once dreamed of.

Till next time…