Secret Experiment – The Immigrante

In my quest for success, I’ve always relied on my network and the centers of influences that helped shape my life. Secret Entourage is creating that network for you, so that you are able to decipher right from wrong in your own world, and within your own perception.  Mentorship was a significant part of my life, having been blessed with meeting some of the strongest people within each of my respective fields allowed me to grow much faster than my competition learning the ins/outs of life as I saw it. Today, I present you a different perspective and a new chapter in Secret Entourage. Today, I present you The Immigrante.

Born in 1988 in Germany, The Immigrante is 22 years old this year and has decided that being powerless and without money is not the path he wants to carry on. Having come to America only 3 years ago, and having had a limited education in the states and in Germany, he unfortunately doesn’t have many opportunities lined up ahead of him that guarantee him a return in his upcoming years. There seem to also be a language barrier that prevents him from expressing himself at the same level as someone who was born and educated in the states. The Immigrante however is here for one reason, and one reason only… Success!

In the upcoming 6 months, we are going to show you several ways that “The Immigrante” is attempting to be successful and all the cool business ideas he is coming with in order to make it in America. Not all those ideas are good ideas, nor are they suggested as successful ideas but we are rather interested in the process and attempts that he is making. We have found him interesting as it seems that despite his misfortunes, he is determined to succeed.

What you should know about him today:

He is 22 years old, lives with his parents who are not supportive of his ventures and has a very unique and old BMW, one that was imported from Germany, and is in terrible shape. He is currently not going to school, and remains unemployed from a corporate standpoint. He also has no source of income, which means no capital.

What are his goals and dreams?

Buying a 911 Turbo is his ultimate goal, as well as owning his own home and business. He wishes to be financially free and create an income of a mere $1500-$2000 per month to give him a boost and enable him to take himself further.

The time line:

His visa will expire in less than 12 months and therefore leaves him only 11 months to to get to the next level and enable him to pay for a VISA extension, so that he may fulfill his final goal.

I know that many of our readers work hard everyday to break the next frontier and go from ordinary to extraordinary, but its not easy and requires patience and hard work. Others are in worst situations and sometimes have issues that makes it seem impossible to take the next step. As a group and with others that are experiencing difficulties, you can come together and support one another to grow to the next level of success.

We will bring you the Immigrante’s quests monthly and hope that this Secret Experiment will be a learning for some of you out there. Feel free to check out The Immigrante on Facebook and friend him so that you can support him in his quest. Feel free to communicate with him and send ideas his way and lets collectively change his life.

Till next month…

PS: Remember to join us in January 2011, as we launch the first class for Secret Entourage’s mentorship program.