The Delusion of Your Perception

In a world where perception is reality, when does one realize if their perception of themselves is indeed the correct one? We often look at ourselves as individuals with a higher understanding of life and we might even think we figured it all out. But have we really? Have we actually realized what the reality around us is? Do we think we are doing a great job or do we really know? Are we basing this idea on what we are told? Or our own understanding of what had to be done? And more importantly whose perception is most important, yours or the one of those around you, watching you?

It is often true that our perception is derived from events that have formed and shaped our lives thus far. However, it is only those that mastered their own mind that truly understand not only their perception of today but rather the world’s perception of them and have learned to manipulate it.

How do you know if you indeed understand the perception of those around you?

Its very simple. Think about how you look at others in general and how you feel about certain qualities or traits. Ask yourself how often do you value an opinion or a topic you do not agree with and simply discard it. Many of those aware of their environment accept differences with others as they understand different perspectives, understanding that others are a byproduct of their environment and therefore do not allow themselves to make the same mistakes.

A simple way to look at this, [for all you car guys] is this. If you see a car that is modded in a different fashion than what you are used to, whether or not you like exotics or imports; your mind will still allow you to appreciate a low rider that is modded correctly. As you are now aware that the person that may be in those various choices of transport is a result of what was around him/her when they grew up.

The other weaker mind on the other hand would not understand that concept at all and act accordingly by simply dismissing it without commenting on it. Another great example of this is about education. Some people simply will not accept that there are higher quality people out there than themselves even if they never went to school. They believe that an education is the only means to success and therefore close their eyes to the reality that more and more people are succeeding without degrees. This would keep them from hiring the right talent for themselves simply because they are in disbelief or disillusioned to that fact.

You could say that being close minded had a lot to do with what your perception adapts to, but it also had a lot to do with what you are willing to see. Sometimes we just do not want to see what we are not willing to accept at that moment. Never forget to keep in mind that a man sees the same things differently at different stages in his life.

Food for thought!