The Secret Entourage Academy is Now Live


When we launched Secret Entourage, we knew our goal was to provide an educational platform to help teach but more importantly, inspire others to take action. Too many times did we witness the existing educational system lacking engagement and substance. We wanted people to have a supplement that could take them to the next level. We wanted people to learn from people, rather than textbooks. In most of today’s educational programs, teachers are nothing more than educators who have absorbed the content of their teachings and repeat them over and over again.  In a few days we launch a new type of academy, one where you learn from people who have all been there and experienced what you wish to experience. From their biggest failures, to their greatest success, we try to bring you a unique learning with each and every episode.

While some of these videos may seem more entertaining than others, it is always key to remember the ultimate key to long term success, that is both real and sustainable, is your ability to grow your awareness to the reality of everyone around you.

The point of education is to understand that it is not simply found in a classroom, or on an online site like Secret Entourage. Instead, true education is all around us and it is our responsibility to continuously educate ourselves on just about everything we see or interact with daily. While it is important to educate ourselves, it is also very important to get educated and exposed by the experiences of others who have gone where we wish to go. Success is no different than traveling. Many times when you visit a new place, city or country; you tend to ask others who have been there for tips on what to see or what to experience. You do so because it facilitates your journey and gives you a path or blueprint to your time there, and ensures you do not miss the important things that you wish to see.

This approach of asking others what to do is part of the problem as you indirectly limit yourself by asking others what to see or look for, making you miss the idea of experiencing the journey from your own lens and discovering through your own beliefs, rather than those of others. Instead, it would make more sense to hear the experience of someone’s journey and take out the pieces that appeal to you the most. If you think of entrepreneurship like you do of travel, then consider the Secret Entourage Academy to be the exposure you need to gauge your curiosity and pique your interest enough to provide you the inspiration to go out there and learn even more.

For a low monthly fee, all members will have full access to a library of episodes as told by proven successful entrepreneurs in various industries. New episodes will be released every week along with live online hosted teaching sessions allowing you to fully engage with experts in their fields. Not all entrepreneurs will be lifestyle driven but all have had tremendous validated success in their own right and have a great story and lesson  to share.

You’ll notice that with each new episode, the bullet points are limited to very few and the description does not include someone’s life work but rather gives you an idea of what you are about to hear, rather than what you should listen for. We believe that the more time you spend being exposed to new information, the more aware and equipped you are to succeed. We want you to go through each episode with an open mind and to realize that our goal is to expose you to new learnings rather than tell you what to do. We have even included links to be able to connect or follow these entrepreneurs who have devoted their time to help build the academy, so that you may ask them questions or follow up on their progress in their own journey; especially if their path is one of interest to you.

We want to also take a moment and thank all of you who have helped us, supported us and spread the word about Secret Entourage, but more importantly for letting us know the positive impact Secret Entourage has had in your life. If it wasn’t for helping other entrepreneurs, we would never find the motivation to help bring this brand to life and the academy would be far from possible. Thank you to all of you and we hope you enjoy the Secret Entourage Academy and find its content valuable to your journey.

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– SE Team

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