The 90/1/100 Challenge – Part 2


A new year and a new challenge. If you recall last year I shared with you a physical challenge called the 90/1/100 challenge that was more mental that anything else. Many tried it in our community and if I recall correctly, no one has yet been able to complete it in full or has yet claimed to. The challenge last year was simple to understand and execute but believe it or not, it took massive mental stimulation and motivation to see it to the end.

The goal was to complete 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and run 1 mile each day without fail or excuses for the next 90 days straight. If you missed a day, you had to restart all over from scratch. You can take breaks between the push ups if you can’t do a 100 straight but you must complete them in the same session.

The challenge takes about 1 hr per day in the first 30 days, then 45 min the following 30 days, and finally 30 min the last 30 days. The idea is to not make excuses as to why you couldn’t do it but rather find a way past all distractions or obstacles in your way.

For 2015, I figured it would be nice to revamp the challenge and add a business element to it too, making it one step harder but of course training your mind to match business and fitness.

Pushing your business is no different than pushing your body and mind. It all always starts with you going past what you believe your limitation to be at that moment. Pushing your limits works because it takes you to that next level where your best becomes your routine and you can continue to push forward and grow in life and in business.

The new challenge will just add the element of meeting others who will perhaps become an asset for you in the years to come. The add-on is simple, you are now required to meet one person for each day of the challenge. This will help you rework your networking strategy, how you approach people, how you select those in your life, and of course, increase your network.

I don’t care how you do it, but rather you do it. The real challenge becomes that when you are unable to find someone, you must restart the challenge all over therefore making your physical efforts not count. Just like in life, we sometimes have to keep losing, before we start having a streak of winning, which is why this new challenge will fit right in.

So the new challenge is simply called the 90/1/100/1 and simply add that networking element:

What is the 90/1/100/1 challenge?

Each and every day for 90 consecutive days straight, no excuses, no shortcuts, no cutting out any pieces; you will have to do the following.

  • 100 Push ups
  • 100 Sit ups
  • 1 Mile jog or sprint
  • 1 New Business connection

If you miss one, if you skip one, or you simply fail; you must restart from day 1 if you are not capable of doing the mile run, push ups or sit ups. You will have to condition yourself to the necessary physical level to be able to complete it. In business just like in life, we must sometimes train before joining the fight for success and this is no different.

After the challenge I guarantee you that a few things will happen for you.

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased strength physically and mentally
  • Increased belief
  • A greater sense of purpose
  • A powerful network
  • Strong sense of accountability
  • Very strong self motivation skills

How can working out an hour a day help you find your purpose? Well I guess you won’t know until you succeed. Good luck in 2015 and feel free to let us know once you complete it in our forum. Reading Third Circle Theory will help but is not required to participate :)