The $600 Bet


A few months back you may remember that I wrote an article about how I made $7000 betting against people’s dreams. I hear so many people say things like “I will have a Lamborghini in a year”, that every time I hear it, I tend to take bets against them. Last time I wrote the article, I noticed on Michael Jacobs Facebook profile that he had a status update that said “Mark my words, my next car will be a Lamborghini” which plugged me to immediately respond and make it a bet.


Since my understanding of people is a bit more in-depth than the average person, as we break down in Third Circle Theory, it was pretty obvious to me based on what I knew of Michael Jacobs and his situation, that these words were based on envy, rather than a real goal backed by real belief. I decided to bet against him and for that we agreed on a bet as shown in this picture, that by the end of July, he would not have a Lamborghini, even after giving him extra time for a total of 12 months.

While it was only a bet, I realized sometime in June that Michael had chosen a rather unconventional path and had done a complete 180 degree turn in terms of materialism and what his true goals and desires were. While I found it to be great that he finally believed that he had found his purpose, I also grinned because it validated my point that he would not be fulfilling his word of owning a Lamborghini.

That said, $600 in my court that has yet to be paid, but at some point hopefully will. Most of it except for a $100 (souvenir) will be donated to charity cause I don’t give a shit for $600. It was rather the point that people talk out of their ass, and don’t follow through.

The point is not really focused on Michael Jacobs inability to deliver on his promise to himself as he already feels fulfilled by the path he chose (which ultimately is the purpose of our very own lives), it is to find something we believe in enough, work on it so we can hang on to it forever, and share it with those we love and care for.

The next point was that there is a clear difference between goals and fantasies, and I want you to try to understand what the symbols are in understanding the differences between the two.

A goal is re-enforced by belief.

A fantasy is fueled by instant gratification and envy.

When a person sets a REAL goal, they do so for themselves, not for the sake of allowing everyone and their friends to know about it. The goals we have are there for us to break milestones or past plateaus that keep us from reaching our now limitless potential. When people publicly decide to share their goals, they need re-assurance that they can do it, an entire counter productive effect of goal setting, since real goals are backed by belief.

Fantasies, however, are filled by the daily observations we see that help set the foundation for goals. If we see a young person driving Lamborghini, we deem it to be possible and if slightly confident, then we simply reassure ourselves that we will work harder to achieve our goals and eventually reward ourselves. It is no different than a person watching Rocky or martial arts movie and immediately saying “I am going to have a 6 pack in 3 weeks.“

The idea is that this burst of energy we receive from our observations is only temporary and is not backed by belief. It becomes motivation and it needs to continue in order to allow the motivation to become a real solid goal which will yield results.

Look around you and remember that the majority of people who today own a Lamborghini or exotic car as a result of hard work were never caught taking pictures with other people’s cars prior to owning them themselves. Instead, they were caught working on their real goals of reaching the rewards they seek.

Even to this day, many of us exotic car drivers never take pics with other people’s cars or the next more expensive car, we take pics of the cars themselves. Its the understanding that something we admire can become a goal and we can choose to work for it, even visualize it but we understand that projecting ourselves with it will only turn the goal into a fantasy.

So more doing, less dreaming and don’t worry about telling others, just deliver.