Right Place, Right Time

Many of us work for others while others own their own businesses, but all have the same goal of being successful or making as much money as possible. This is also because we are all ultimately waiting for that big break no matter what that break might be. Many are just waiting for that idea to be heard or that promotion to come, while others are waiting for their true potential to manifest itself.  It is often true that the best things in life come to those who wait, but how long should one wait to see the results they expect?

Waiting does not really do much and should be out of your mindset as of today. Great ideas, good ideas, and better ideas all take time to become recognized or change society. It is a combination of execution and drive that led the idea to become what that idea is today. Being in the right place at the right time requires you to actually go places and meet people so that one day that particular place and time will become that right place. A reaction cannot take place without an action initiating it.

The real point here is that nothing happened to those that sat around waiting for something to happen. Instead it happened for those that went out there and acted upon their dreams and ideas. Showing action needed to get their ideas or themselves out there.

We discussed execution in STAY POOR as the key driver to success, yet we still do not act with velocity even when we can, because it is so much easier to accept failure than it is to seek success.

I will leave you with an example you can perhaps relate to.  Facebook was an idea, and it was nothing more until it was executed and became a social network. Even at that point, it was nothing more than just that and needed the team to reach out to schools one-by-one for months at a time in order to get buy-in. Without their push to be seen, no one would have seen them and they wouldn’t be who they are today. Ultimately it was the combination of the idea and execution that enabled them the big break they were seeking.

The same can be applied to that guy in that corporate America office just sitting there doing nothing and expecting a big promotion. It is the guy that goes out there seeking more work, extra work and expanding their knowledge that will get noticed rather than the one sitting at his desk all day.

Ultimately it is the action that determines the reaction which ultimately determines your faith.