Pick Your Fights Carefully

In the world of relationships and business, one can often find himself caught in the middle of many arguments and disagreements. It is often without thinking that we find ourselves caught in the middle of many battles not worth fighting. We are often blind to how many times these battles occur and eventually find ourselves drained of energy and incapable to fighting the wars that do matter. How do we change that?

Regardless of what battle you fight or what cause you live for, your energy is one of your main resources that you give away without realizing it. Energy is the power source of success, as gasoline is the source of power for your car, both help get you further but only one is something you can’t live without. If you think of all the resources at your disposal everyday, energy may not be the one highest on your list but perhaps it should be.

Energy which drives your attitude, mood, and passion is often drained daily by constant battles that the mind fights with itself and its external sources. We are constantly thinking of ways to make money, improve ourselves, or perhaps escape a bad situation which always puts us in a thinking stage, a stage which like many other things, drain a part of that battery and keeps you from growing. Adding to the drainage are external battles we get into everyday, all of which are based on experiences such as getting bad service in a restaurant and complaining to the manager or having a flight delayed and choosing to argue with the attendant about it. All of these circumstances are inevitable, and highly outside of your scope of control but yet drain us of our energy to a level that leaves us almost nothing to fight the real fights that require our energy, mindset, and time.

In the world of business, picking your battles is very important and prevents you from experiencing drainage but instead keeps you focused on the importance of the bigger picture.  Choosing to argue about the items that will change as a result of your intervention is where most of your energy should be driven to first, enabling you to gain greater results in creating that change as a result of a clear mind.

Think about how many people around you argue at irrelevant factors which causes them to look grumpy as a result. Both of those are driven on the fact that energy has been wasted for the wrong reasons and on the wrong topics. This lifetime spent fighting the world on having it your way is simply not going to get you to your goals but rather keep you in a loophole of constant surviving, rather than growing. The best entrepreneurs will tell you that someone who has mastered the ability to control their energy throughout the day simply achieves more, and is more likely to succeed than others as a result.

Control your energy, control your outcome.