Leaving Your Comfort Zone

You will never become wealthy if you are not willing to leave your comfort zone.

The logic behind that sentence is quite simple but very true. If you are comfortable with your life, you are less likely to change anything about it. The reality remains that most of us are quite comfortable with our lives, we have our homes, cars, families and find ourselves comfortable with our financial situation. We think that doing more will not pay us nearly as much as what we make or will take us years to make it, and then what about money in those years. We often feel that the substitute is simply not worth it.

However, there is another side to look at when starting your own business or deciding to work for yourself. There is what i call the possibility, the possibility to do what you can never do in a corporate role. You become the only obstacle to your own growth, there is no one that can come between you and what you want to become. Look at the big picture this way, you make $100,000 at your current job, and in the next 5 years you might make $120,000 if you are lucky. Now assume you reach $100,000 in your own business, you can hire one more person and double that the following year; the possibilities are simply endless and you become your only obstacle. So where is the block that keeps you from starting. It’s simpler than you think.

Lack of self confidence and self motivation are the only obstacles that exist between you and financial freedom. The fact that you don’t believe in your own ability to grow your own business and remain self motivated doing it is what keeps you from starting. If you actually believed in yourself you would be more than confident that you can and will make up your initial loss in the first two years and surpass your old plateau.

Here is the fix to your problem. Start working for yourself part time, and create an opportunity for yourself where your expenditures for your business matches the amount you intake. Spend $5,000 a year and make $5,000 a year, your time should be considered free. Once you reach this level you have proved yourself that you can make an impact with your time and that you have a great concept that time and effort can make profitable. At that point, you must make a choice to what you want your future to look like in 5 to 10 years. Do NOT look at 2-3 years, look at the big picture and choose success.