Is The World Sacrificing Quality?

In a new society connected by social networking and a global market, one can question where does the line gets drawn as to the quality of the work we provide. Thousands of businesses get created daily, and thousands fail everyday while millions of people get their degrees, of which 60% get it from an online source rather than a credited school.  Has the global economy collapsed the true essence of business and entrepreneurship? Are we ever going to see an era where only those with passion start businesses and those with a desire for education seek schooling?

Is society taking a step forward or only jeopardizing our own future by sacrificing the quality of our expectations?

We see more people graduating from online universities with degrees in pre-law or criminal justice, people who would have never made it in a 4 year university, and yet are now in the same position to attain similar jobs?  How about if we think of the 1000’s of businesses formed everyday providing a service that already exists but at a lower price which in turn drives those real quality businesses to lower their prices and perhaps also sacrifice their quality.

These may not have happened fully yet today but all the markers are pointing to a society that is losing its desire to provide quality for the sake of creating revenue generators. This can also be seen from another angle when thinking of MLM, which now has become a profitable platform to launch  a garbage product without any quality control but rather by hiring anyone and everybody to sell it without any accountability to its performance but rather just ensuring more people consume and sell the product. It has even become such a profitable model for those making the product or service that it sometimes remains their only distribution channel despite options to expand. It almost like saying, its just easier to not care.

So where does the line get drawn and who gets to draw it remains the ultimate question.

Well that’s where you have to ask yourself if you are part of the problem, or rather part of the solution. How many times have you been taken advantage of by a bad product, service or simply been offered really poor service and yet still used that place for business because it was simply cheaper? Think about a business idea you had, and if indeed it was because you believed in the idea itself and how it would impact society or if it was simply about making money? These are all ways to think about what side of the equation you rest on.

No matter where you stand in society as of today, regardless that you are in school, starting a business or already have an established life, I urge you to rethink your position and ensure you do not become or continue a life lived in acceptance of poor quality or poor service that it is provided or received.  It is true that one person cannot change the world, but it is also true that change needs to start somewhere and perhaps somewhere is here with you.