How to Identify Your Purpose

Steve Jobs said it best when he said: “Live every day as if its your last, as one day you will certainly be right. Stay hungry, stay foolish.” If you had to meet your widow maker tomorrow and were faced with remembering how you lived your life, including those you impacted with happiness, knowledge and positive energy, would you feel satisfied that the life you lived thus far?  Did you live it to your outer most potential?

Many people don’t really understand their purpose, nor what they are meant to be doing until very late in their lives.  Others unfortunately never find it and settle for reproducing as a means to creating legacy for themselves.  It is indeed a positive way to be remembered and a way to establish your mark on society, but is it fair to put the pressure of carrying your name and legacy through your child?  What about your personal accomplishments?

Finding your purpose in society and discovering your potential is actually easier than you might think.  It is simply based upon your passions and your ability to create a way to share your passions with the world in a creative way that the world may understand via signs, symbols, and designs.  An example of this would be Motor Trend magazine which is nothing really unique, yet it was one man’s passion for automobiles which sparked his interest of finding a way to communicate his love, interest, and knowledge with others.  Therefore, the sign or design he created started with a magazine which later translated to multiple publications, TV, radio, and more.  This acknowledgement received by the mass public, goes to show that you are an authority or an accepted brand, creating a feeling of fulfillment, which ultimately translates to you having found your purpose.

Finding something that fulfills you each and everyday is how you know if you have or have not found your purpose.

“Life is simply too short to be spending it building someone else’s dream.” – Steve Jobs

As you think about your life, your role, your family, and your circumstances, think about the power that is in your hands to create ideas.  Execute principles and act upon all your beliefs each day.  Think about how much of that energy, time, and effort is going to take in to building someone else’s dream and vision, rather than your own.  Now think about all the guidelines and rules that come into play,  such as Human Resources or the Code of Ethics, and their restrictions that limit your abilities that ultimately keep you living within their four walls.  And keeping you from never doing what you want but rather what they need.  That’s how that purpose, passion, and drive level is controlled by these empires who simply want you to do what you are there to do without being able to venture outside their perimeters, even if in most cases you have the capacity to do so.

Spend your days understanding what you are passionate about and find ways to communicate your passion, beliefs, and vision with others through signs, designs, and symbols.  This will demonstrate others who believe in what you believe in to conclusively be drawn to your passion.  Find your purpose and understand the difference between having to wake up every morning and wanting to wake up every morning and the next.