Helper or Manipulator – The Choice is Yours

With great powers come great responsibilities, and it is often during the time in which we acquire our powers that we must make a choice as to what side of the equation we want to belong to.  Being more intelligent, capable, and apprehensive is no different than having those alternative “superpowers”. More importantly, as with anyone else deemed powerful, it tends to create a persuasion of people wishing to be led.

Where will you lead them to?  How far will you lead them?

As you start growing an allegiance in life of those people who wish for nothing more than success, it is very important that you align your abilities and outcomes and only allow those with similar beliefs to follow you.  It is very critical that you be wary of your entourage as it will get past a point of control and lose value, also those beliefs they began with will become much harder to monitor.  As with yourself, those following you will have a strong choice in front of them as they learn about the different perspectives of life and the different abilities their increased awareness gives them.  They will choose to either manipulate or help those around them, which ultimately comes down to helping others or benefiting from others weaknesses.

Most of us are faced with that choice at some point or another, but we simply don’t look at it that way.  Think about a time when you could have bought an item much lower than its value at the cause of someone else’s ignorance.  This is an early form of manipulation and is no different than leading others down the wrong path simply to ensure a self achievement.  At that time, you might have felt more distinguished and smarter, yet rather felt you were a great negotiator. Reality is that it is no different than you walking into a dealership unaware of what a car is worth and paying $10K more due to the lack of knowledge, only to go home to find out how poor of a decision you just made.

This takes us to our next question…

Who is ultimately responsible for ignorance? Those making the wrong moves or those opening up opportunities for us to be taken advantage of?

Most people will tell you that themselves are responsible for their actions and that it should be no surprise that their ignorance is going to cost them big, but it certainly is no different than how major corporations or even what the media believes in.  Try to take CNN for example and the information you are given, for the most part it is constantly re-enforced as the people’s news and the reality becomes unbiased, yet it is ultimately those who are endorsing the money who choose what you are shown and what you are not shown.  Therefore, fundamentally taking away the idea of free press.  Who can you trust for news?  How much education and research should you do just to watch whats going on around you?

If we follow the philosophy of every man for themselves, then we certainly justify all the poor behaviors in the world and only encourage them to keep going. Instead, lets look at social responsibility as a new way of doing business, educating the masses on what they are getting into and allowing them to make better choices. Ultimately it is the communities we form, the beliefs we share and the help we give one another that encourages us to evolve.  It is the exact same reason you network with other member of Secret Entourage in our community, to help one another grow and despite others perhaps not always supporting our mentalities and efforts, it is our place to ensure we change their minds for the better rather than encouraging them to remain in their mediocre mindsets.

“Choose wisely, or you might find yourself stuck on the wrong side of the equation.”