Fame vs Fortune

If you would have asked me this question 5 years ago, I certainly would have told you that being rich is much more important than being famous. Being rich means you live the life you want, rather than the life you are forced to but being famous may or may not carry that same effect with it. Today, however, my take on things is a bit different as my perspective has changed on the benefits of both circumstances.

Being rich from a monetary sense has its benefits and no one can ever deny that. Money is a means to an end and a very important aspect of success, as well as an important aspect of our day to day lives. Despite not being the most important in the world to me, it certainly is the most common greed the world possesses. In today’s world, money will certainly take you places and allow you to appreciate all the world has to offer, all of which will bring you much more pleasure than someone without any money. But what money does not do well is buy you a voice, as it becomes only as loud as the size of your wallet and eventually runs out. I am sure we can agree that being rich may allow you to buy TV time get on the radio and have a voice, but a voice that is only defined by how much money you have and unfortunately being rich is simply not enough. When you are rich, you can certainly live a better life as it pertains to you and only you, and as a result perhaps you may enjoy yourself a few years but what satisfaction will you have being rich and alone?

On the other hand comes a different proposition, one where you have a voice rather than money. Being famous is not always the most convenient way of being as it pertains to you. It is, however, the best way for you to carry a message on to an audience. Even though being rich and famous both allow you to have a voice, the reasons why people will listen will be very different. Think about a public figure like Martin Luther King who had no money but yet had a voice, and then look at a figure of wealth such as Warren Buffet whose fame is driven on his wallet first. MLK’s message then is still resonating among millions now. Partly because people are attracted to figures who believe in what they believe and who portray a similar understanding of society, making the message they share more valuable than one founded on money.

Having a voice in today’s society hold much more weight in terms of helping drive change in today’s world. More importantly it enables you to bring life to just about any idea. The public would simply pay attention and regardless that you introduce a new product or innovation, it by itself can make you much more money because of the residual effect by being you rather than the money you own.

So from my take, being famous outweighs being rich.