The Entrepreneur Path To Success

path to success

Many visionaries had ideas, inventions, or concepts that were shut down and ridiculed. These same entrepreneurs are those that we appreciate on the cover of Forbes magazine.

Path to Success

The real question isn’t if vision is the key to success but rather what you are willing to sacrifice to make a vision come to life?

It is said that those at the top have worked the hardest to get there and that others are simply following a path already created, one whose destination is already pre-determined by another’s vision.  As an entrepreneur or visionary, we really don’t enjoy following a path with a pre-determined destination. Instead we lay our own path to success as we travel through various experiences in life, hoping to reach our own destination. As expected, creating a path is much more difficult than walking on someone else’s already paved road, and therefore will require a great deal of dedication, determination and sacrifice to get there.

To what extent are you willing to go to see your legacy coming to life?

Many have always asked me if I have any regrets in life or if I would have done things differently on path to success and wealth. It is hard to answer that question as there are always many things I would have done differently knowing what I know today, there are, however, no regrets as life is simply full of neutral choices that define who we are, none are good or bad but all rather lead you in different directions, some more favorable than others.  Throughout the years, one thing is certain and it that time is the greatest sacrifice I have had to make in order to accomplish what my goals were time, which in some cases is irreplaceable.

The sacrifices I made for my path to success meant staying focused instead of partying, going out with friends, attending to my girlfriend or family, and more importantly meant understanding its real value so that it is never wasted but rather used. These sacrifices made as a result of the lack of time must have been in vain, as their impact on your life is more significant than you think.

If you start something, then finish it! That is my only advice to you!

When creating a vision, many will disregard it, be dismissive and/or simply hurt your feelings through their words. Some of these people might be family, friends or relatives and yet will show the same level of negativity and will not agree with your decisions, as they will impact them more severely than you think BUT you must stay true to what you started and must make sure it succeeds to be able to show the world that the ultimate sacrifice made was none other than putting yourself 2nd to your vision as well.

Do you have what it takes to create your path to success?