Do You Think Success Just Happens to People?


If you answered this question with a “Yes”, think again. Successful people all seem to follow the same patterns and philosophies in life. Now, successful people aren’t all robots and the formula isn’t necessarily something you can clone from person to person, however there are three traits that keep arising. Before we get into those three traits you have to be prepared for success. With success comes great responsibility. You will inevitably have numerous people counting on your skill set. And the more successful you get the more you will want to take on. But it’s this success and inability to be satisfied that will drive you towards what would otherwise be considered unrealistic possibilities. And while we’re at it, successful people don’t have the word realistic in their vocabulary.

Procrastination is a killer. Every successful person in any walk of life gets things done. The person who is constantly putting something off until later is not somebody you want to be. If there’s energy in your mind there’s no reason to put something off. Remember, you’re on your way to being very busy. By delaying the inevitable is just guaranteeing an important email, phone call, or meeting could be forgotten. So remember to get things done. Return that email, text, or call immediately. It not only shows you care, but it also shows the person on the other end that their question matters to you. That infectious behavior will spread and your position amongst your peers will elevate. Very few people get things done.

Make lists of things you need to do. You’re on the go, you’re traveling, you’re talking to business associates, you have a family; there’s no way a successful person can remember everything that must be accomplished from day to day, much less over the course of many months. Write it down, either on a piece of paper or log it into your phone. Do not rely on your memory alone. Successful people have too much on their minds to remember everything. Lists of all that needs to be done in both your professional and personal life will pay off in spades. Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries are a thing of the past. And how many people are truly good with names? Writing a name down after you meet somebody is a big step into building a relationship.

And lastly, make goals. Yes, we’ve all been told this throughout our lives, but successful people not only make goals, but obsess on goals. How many deals do we have to close today? What are my quarterly projections? How many years until I can comfortably retire? Don’t just think about it, write it down, and dream about it. The first and last thing you should be thinking about every day are your goals. When a goal becomes burned into your brain almost so vivid you can see it without even having to close your eyes you know it’s within possibility. And if it’s possible you can do it.

Let’s recap: Don’t be a procrastinator. Makes lists. And visualize success and obsess on your goals. These three elements alone will make you a better businessman, better family man, and on your path to having great success in life.

Aaron Singerman is the CEO of Redcon1, a supplement company.