Design Your Own Future!

Too many times we hear people tell us that they live in the wrong place and cannot be successful. They ultimately allow their circumstance to become their greatest obstacle by simply accepting their environment. These poor excuses for failure are unacceptable and show poor judgment. When seeking success, nothing should stop you, especially the environment you created for yourself thus far.

It is true that we all create an environment that is not necessarily favorable to us in the earlier stages of our lives but it is also true that we hold the power to change such environment at any given time. Creating the one we feel most appropriate for where we are going, not just where we are.
In the quest for perfection, excuses are typically the mind’s way of dealing with our lack of confidence in regards to a certain situation or project. The simplest example of such is our fear of rejection from another individual causing us to make up all kinds of reasons why talking to them is the wrong time, place, or circumstance and never creating for ourselves the opportunity we seek.

The same excuse patterns exist when faced with a change in environment. It is often difficult to deal with change like moving or relocating as it involves recreating your networks, getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself at risk with money but is the fear real or simply your lack of confidence in yourself that you will do better than you did previously?

We are faced with decisions everyday around what our next day, week, or month will look like but we are often afraid of making the right decisions because they involve uncertainty. We all know that the unknown is so much more difficult to deal with than the certainties in life, yet it is something that we are faced with. Despite the circumstances you are in today, the location you live in, and the people around you, nothing keeps you from moving forward and creating the circumstance you need to be successful the next hour, day, or week. You are NOT the byproduct of your environment unless you choose to be.

You create the environment you need for yourself with every decision you make and should ask yourself if you are creating the right environment or allowing your lack of confidence to keep you from reaching your goals. I know it may sound very difficult to cut out bad friends or move to a new place. As unpleasant as it may be, if you feel it is necessary then do not waste time justifying change to yourself but rather execute with confidence in yourself as the ultimate driver.

Those who fail and blame others should take 10 min and reflect in a mirror rather than blame their circumstances or friends for their mistakes. Everyday choices are made and being made, no matter what influences you and despite your belief that peer pressure is acceptable. It is nothing more than a weakness on your part and lack of self confidence.

To get where you want to go, you have to break the cycle and do what you have never done before!