Choosing a Side

After watching the movie, “Meet The Robinsons”, I got motivated to write about a thought in regards to success and the commencement of its journey. In the journey to a successful life, I have noticed that it is about choosing a side. Life in general is a game based upon decisions and the consequences or rewards that follow your actions. It is like fine print, therefore, it is not something we see easily or pay attention to. To keep it simple, once you have chosen what to do, commit to it, and ride with your team until the wheels fall off! There is no such thing as choosing more than one side. I have never had a great friendship or business transaction by being indecisive or unstable about a decision.

This is not a new concept by the way. It is the same message dating back to at least the early 1900’s in Aesop’s fables about the bat not being able to pick a side in the war between the birds and the beasts. The bat always fought on the side that he felt was the strongest. When peace was declared, his deceitful conduct was apparent to both sides, so he was condemned for his treachery, driven out from the light of day, and from then on he concealed himself in the dark; flying alone at night. The moral of the story is he who tries to be on both sides at once ends up alone.

Far too many individuals are worried about always having to be on the “winning team”. Be it known that this can never happen. Analyze the situation, weigh the odds, and commit to the action! In this lifetime you will win some and you will lose some. If you have made the best decision possible for your situation, there is no time to look back and cry over defeat. You can only pick up the pieces, learn from the situation, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD! Although, prior to that, YOU MUST CHOOSE A SIDE!!! Therefore, stop day dreaming and put your plans into action!

Nowadays, many people attain “great ideas”, but those “great ideas” do not get them paid, same goes for those day dreamers. Success is much like gardening. Your ideas and your surroundings are the soil necessary to grow it. Dreams and ideas are the seeds to a great future, yet it will be up to YOU to plant them and nurture them until they bear the fruit of your labor. With that said, you have to make sure you surround yourself with nothing but the best and submerge yourself in an environment filled with “go getters” and problem solvers with your best interests in mind. Make sure to get rid of negative influences in your life and filter what your mind sees and hears.

With a “bad economy” (I question the media about why this is a “bad economy”) and less then stellar outlook for the immediate future, I have come across a LARGE number of people who do nothing but complain about the economy. For many it has become the death of their aspirations or even a escape goat for their failures and mistakes. Yes, the economy is not as reliable as it was five years ago, but somehow WE have to overcome those barriers! If the economy keeps getting worse, we will all be affected in someway, but there are those that are still going to be making fortunes. Thus, rather then getting submerged in negativity and the threat of doomsday, I say lets KEEP MOVING FORWARD!! I say keep reading and learning how to better yourself so that you can be all that you intended to be!!!

A suggestion could be to make your car a traveling encyclopedia. Put as many CD’s in that car as you can fit that speak of positive influences and read influential books. If you need help with either of those suggestions, I can help. I have read and listened to many motivating stories. Though, I myself, still have a long way to go!

– Justin James