Can Money Buy Your Dreams?

As a debatable question very similar to “Can money buy happiness?”, most people without money will answer no, most with money will tell you YES even if they are unhappy. Money can buy you things and in some cases buying yourself things that will make you happy. You would think that as a result the answer is “yes”, if you are materialistic and simply just want anything, but what about those who are not materialistic?  Can money buy them anything?

YES! Money buys you the ability to live your dreams, even if your dreams are not materialistic because money buys you the single most important thing in the world no matter who you are and that is: TIME

Time holds more value than just about anything else, as time allows us to get things accomplished, create memories, help others, and just about a million other things.  More importantly about time is the fact that money often robs us of our freedom to use time in any way we see fit.  Just as it robs us of it when we don’t have enough, it allows us to buy time when we have too much, allowing us to use our time as we see fit, rather than how we feel we must use it to survive and make more money.

No matter what your priorities are, you spend the majority of your day making money until you have enough of it to no longer worry about it.  Despite the fact that money itself doesn’t buy you the feeling of happiness (rather more stress), the circumstance it creates certainly does bring you happiness.  The feeling of sleeping in, enjoying your day, and following your heart all day is what brings you happiness.  Perhaps the feeling of driving insanely rare automobiles or enjoying the sun on a yacht makes you happy.  Once again your dream is tied to the circumstance that money creates as none of those could happen without the essence of money.

Ultimately, regardless of your definition of happiness or money, happiness is tied to freedom and forever will be no matter who you are, where you are, and how much money you have.  Freedom is a word created by the essence of money.  Those who are free have full control of their time and enjoy the rewards and experiences life has to offer which leads us to saying that money does buy your freedom which enables you to focus on your dreams.

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