From Don’s Desk: An Appreciation For Those Trying

There is a very commendable fearless attitude that goes with entrepreneurs who directly jump into the scene without prior corporate experience. Those that allow themselves to experience, take a risk without the business knowledge or background, to immediately succeed. These young entrepreneurs, called crazy by some, are considered pioneers to me.

As a successful entrepreneur, it is easy for me to see the path that many choose to take and somewhat envision their goals, road map and journey. To those new entrepreneurs whose first ventures are their actual own businesses it is very difficult and will require a lot of heart and dedication as their journey is one that is created as they move along and the problems that will arise are new and unfamiliar but yet they depend solely on their own actions to drive the results they seek as we all do.

To those of you out there trying to make it through a realistic venture or trying to make your first business run, just remember that I personally applaud your courage, and your fearless attitude towards life. I commend you for your entrepreneurship spirit and wish you luck in getting there. The road ahead is difficult to create but very rewarding once paved.

I want to take a moment to share with you a tip that a friend once gave me as I was growing my entrepreneurship skill set. He told me “in order to be able to reach that next level of growth, one must be willing to recognize his/her own flaws, and be able to allow the right people in to help fill those missing pieces of the pie, ultimately progressing ahead to completion until he/she himself can attain and earn that missing skill” It took me a while to cope with the idea of giving away a piece of my website or a piece of my business but I soon learned that a good team approach is not only better but ultimately allows time to never go wasted, which is very important as time is ultimately the one component you can never buy. If your goal is to become a $2million a year business, and you can accomplish that in half the time but must share it, you will ultimately double it faster and attain the original goals and despite your $$$ cut being the same, the fact is that you are now in control of a $4 million dollar company. Just remember to put your pride aside and be willing to admit your lack of ability around certain elements and bring your flexibility to where you need to become successful, as ultimately that’s all that matters.

Refer back to Art of Entrepreneurship – Choosing the Right Team for some guidance around how to do so and not be taken for a ride by useless people.

Hopefully this tip will enable you to grow, but my main goal here is to recognize your hard work and efforts and commend you for thinking outside the box right from the start and being the visionaries that will own tomorrow. Keep in mind that I created Secret Entourage’s community to help you get the knowledge and answers you need when you get stuck and to be able to learn from one another. Make sure to join us for free in the forums and start those discussions that are meaningful and can help you take that next level.