Amplify Your Strengths With Others

There is a lot of emphasis on picking the right team regardless of what your role is.  It is always very important to find the right people in order to roll out the project or work necessary.  We often spend time looking for people who complement our shortfalls and are able to to do what we cannot do, but perhaps it isn’t the best way to select your team.  If you simply hire those who only complement your deficiencies, then you are missing out on an important element, and that element is to grow yourself.

As managers, leaders, or team drivers, we have the power to select others to join us in our mission or our quest.  Perhaps we hire those often weaker than ourselves with the desire to help them grow individually in areas that they have yet to discover, while utilizing their skill sets to help us further our cause.  While this is happening, what about our very own growth?

If we are ahead of those around us, then we surround ourselves with positive influences who have the capacity to do what we can’t do and continue to grow.  By growing I am not referring to learning new skills, instead other people that have a unique skill set to help amplify our very own strength.  As leaders, we tend to forget that the growth of those who work for us, must also grow to stay on top and be able to continue leading regardless of what elements of our strengths continue to grow.  You could be growing your ability to communicate, establish relationships, or even simply learning a whole new level of self motivation. Our very own survival depends on our ability to feed off of each others energy and identify with those that can help us move forward even if we are at the top of the chain.

So how do we identify such people?

Here is the catch, it is no different than how you currently identify those with these additional skills that you need in your life.  The only additional step is to align their beliefs with your very own and allow their diverse thinking to be the driver for the change you seek in your own thinking.  In other words, finding talent that not only possesses a unique skill set needed, but also finds a similar purpose or passion for yourself.  This allows your free thinking to be shared with others who not only understand how to implement, rather improve upon your thinking knowing what it is you want to cause.  You might think of this as to be extremely difficult, yet it certainly isn’t as most of those you currently hire or have hired are probably already there.  They simply look at things from a different perspective or are not aware of their capacity as they work to fulfill their own needs and not those of the people around them.

Bringing out the true passion of people and ensuring their long term goals are aligned with yours is very important and vital to your survival as a leader and as an inspirational figure in the cause you wish to see come to life.  Find those people and help them see a new way of thinking and a new way of working, and then see your own strengths amplify by their well doing.