A Taste of Entrepreneurship


It is sometimes difficult to stay motivated when working for others, especially when month after month and year after year, things simply don’t change. While many take on entrepreneurship with the hope of eventually leaving their job or financial freedom, many do so because it allows them to advance mentally before anything else. As nerve wrecking as entrepreneurship can be and as difficult as it may seem, it can also do a lot of good for the mind and belief system.

Most people who take on entrepreneurship do so because of their belief that they can see a vision come to life. While many can agree that having a 9-5 is highly repetitive, nothing about entrepreneurship is. Unlike what you do at your 9-5, everything you do for yourself has a different outcome day in and day out, and while the rules of consistency apply here as well, the dynamics of them change very often.

So does that mean everyone should be an entrepreneur?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, we discourage many people everyday from taking on entrepreneurship but instead do believe that everyone should be exposed and have an opportunity to discover how much impact entrepreneurship can make on one’s mind while going through that repetitive journey of belonging to a 9-5 or simply being stuck in the rat race. While it may be too early for some to start working on their big vision or perhaps vision isn’t even in the picture, there is always opportunity for learning and such opportunity exists all around you. Here are three basic things you can do to get a taste of entrepreneurship without diving in all the way.

Start a MINI Brand

The art of branding is quite complex and understanding the basis of it will help you in your personal life as well as your future entrepreneur endeavors. Try to create a brand from scratch including a logo, website, and blog. Your goal should be to influence at least 500 people to understand what your brand stands for without telling them. The ability to understand how to evolve a brand is one of the most important aspects of business. Understanding what colors influence people’s decisions and how to communicate with an audience while influencing them to make a purchase or simply subscribe can make you a lethal person in business, let alone at your 9-5. This is a great place to start and in most cases will teach you to be resourceful, rather than have resources. An important skill true entrepreneurs know very well.

Write a HOW TO Book

Training your mind to complete something from A – Z is another great exercise to partake in. One of the easiest on the surface is writing a HOW TO book about something you find yourself to have become very good at. This doesn’t have to encompass selling a product but rather help you see something from scratch to completion. You can even use it at work if you wish to write about something you work on daily. Learning to write and communicate is key not just to leadership but to the selling process that comes with being an entrepreneur. The key to this exercise is to help you feed your belief system by understanding the emotional response you have to creating something from nothing. This exercise has been known to help many actually find their inner desire to become entrepreneurs. Make it challenging by at least 100 pages.

Create a product and sell it to 100 people.

Create a book, software, training course, or simply a leisure based product. Regardless of what you want to sell, learning the art of copywriting as well as the importance of service is key to being successful as an entrepreneur. The rule of thumb is if you can find 1000 people to LOVE you product, you can typically consider yourself in business. That said, simply try to do so with 100 people. If you can sell a 100 people on your product part time, imagine what you can do full time and how easily you should be able to reach 1000, 10000, and more.

Three very quick and dirty exercises you can start to tease your appetite for entrepreneurship. Start with one and work your way through each and perhaps this will help elevate not only your understanding of business, but will help spark your desire to start on your entrepreneurship journey.