A Little Patience Can Go a Long Way


If you ask many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, they will tell you that the first few years of any new project is always the hardest. As much as proper marketing is the core focus of the problem, public acceptance is the true root of the issue. Almost every business originated by a new entrepreneur is viewed upon with a negative cloud of cynicism. While most look at their marketing efforts as flawed and all their efforts feel like they are going to waste, others just carry on knowing that there is no substitute for time.

When we think of the negativity that surrounds new businesses we often wonder why the world is so negative towards our amazing new idea. After all, we are going to revolutionize an industry, innovate ways to do business, and even perhaps deliver never before seen or heard information. Yet it seems like we are not welcomed by our own community, but also get shut down by those around us both online and offline.

So why the negativity?

With the millions of new websites and ideas getting started each month with only 2-5% succeeding, it is only normal for people to not take new entrepreneurs seriously. It’s also true that many  established businesses refuse to partner up or even go as far as bashing your idea and business simply due to their disbelief.

So how can you overcome this tragedy of being new and how much of your effort is really in your hands vs the hands of time?

Well, you simply can’t.

As with any new concept, it is simply going to take time for people to take you seriously but more importantly going to take a few years before people realize that unlike others, you are not going to disappear.

You can certainly do all the marketing and research on how to get your product or service out to the public, but with substituting the affects that time has on your business. Time, by itself, does bring more public awareness and acceptance but more importantly, it allows people who regularly have bought into your product or service to become more engaged and more involved, therefore spreading the news about it.

The same can be applied to everything else in life, even outside of business. While you can get frustrated and focused on getting things done quickly, results, on the other hand, do not come with that same speed and we often change interest or focus as those results seem to never come. No different than a bamboo tree, the results may come at once but very few signs may be telling you when, therefore patience is a virtue.

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs or people alike make is forgetting the impact of time, and losing focus of their goals and objectives very quickly simply because we have always been trained to want and expect things to happen quickly.

So next time you start an idea and get discouraged of the public response, remember that it is those that can look past that and against all odds to execute on their ideas that actually have a chance at succeeding. Control only what you can and let time do its job.

Time = Life. Therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.