A Different Way of Thinking

There is a point in every person’s life when they realize that they have been wasting their time going through life dormant. Some wake up early on in their lives, others closer to their passing time but ultimately all realize that they have been dormant at one point or another. We are going to look at how you can tell if you have a higher level of self awareness than others if you are still dormant.

What does being dormant even mean?

Its almost like saying you don’t realize what is happening around you as the world goes forward and you are nothing more than a by-product of your environment. A dormant mindset would simply go to work, have entertainment within their means, and follow the simple path of family life without ever questioning “what if” . Those that hold that mindset do not see possibilities but rather see whats right in front of them at all time.

As sad as this may sound, the majority of the world follows this pattern of doing the same thing day in and day out. Some hope for a different outcome and yet feel content with continuing this routine expecting nothing drastic to happen at any time. Any event that is life changing like a marriage, death in the family, or a promotion changes their daily activity rather than their purpose.

Next time you go to the movies, take a look around you before the movie starts and very quickly you’ll be able to identify those dormant mindsets I speak of; from their attire to their behavior, it simply seems unreal that we all co exist in one place. So similar, yet entirely different.

A Secret Entourage member (Mr. Hope) from our community wrote:

I’ll just dive straight into it, so bare with me. This past weekend I went home to NJ for a family gathering. While meeting with a few friends we started casually talking about the character Nick Hendricks from Horrible Bosses. Your regular overworked, under-payed employee.  Well Nick works within a cubicle, and my friends began to “rave” about how they would love to have a cubicle. Explaining how its your own world, don’t directly deal with others, etc etc. I couldn’t help but think “WTF!”. While they were there speaking of this, I was thinking, “No way is that what I ultimately want for myself .” I began to tell them, they should be thinking of being in-charge of those people in the cubicles or better yet the building they work in.

People are waking up everyday to understand that they are worth more than they are doing today, that their minds can be expanded into just about anything they desire, and that the key to unlocking it is within ourselves rather than in a magical formula.

Why are people so dormant and why are others so driven and awake?

“Simply because its easier to settle for what you have rather than work for what you want.”

You see some people realize that it takes a lot of work to get to the top or to your desired outcome and so they just don’t do anything about it. They simply choose their fun over the bigger picture, they choose today and deal with tomorrow as it comes along. The point here is that they simply don’t care about the 5- 10 year picture but rather focus on what their desires are that day/week and then work hard to achieve them, they are simply reactive to their world, desires, behaviors and just about anything else. In other words, triggers occur for them and wake them up for the moment and then they choose to go back to sleep.

You, yourself, might have had moments like these where your life feels like a roller coaster and perhaps in times of pressure you get much more done. The way you differentiate yourself if you don’t want to go through life dormant and be aware of all that is going on around you is by controlling your ability to stay self motivated and continue to work when others are dormant. Don’t stop until you ultimately reach your goals while never settling for less than your definition of perfection.