6 Steps to Create your Signature System


What do you want to be known for? The one thing that springs to mind when people hear your name or see your brand. Your work, your process. The results you bring, the difference you make in the lives of your clients. This is your Signature System. There are so many great reasons to have a Signature System. It builds your profile and credibility, as you become the go-to expert in your field. It helps your audience understand what exactly it is you do, which in turn helps you market and sell with ease. You attract the right kind of clients and deliver better outcomes for them. What’s not to love right?

Here are 6 steps to take to help you create and profit from your signature system.

  1. Get Really Specific with your Offer

Zoning in on your offer brings clarity on whom you serve and how you communicate to these people. Aim to go from ‘one of many’ to ‘one of a kind.’ For example, if you’re a weight loss coach your client is not googling ‘healthy eating.’ They are looking up ‘how to lose 10lbs’ or ‘weight loss that works’.

Speak directly to a smaller number initially then cast your net wider as you grow.

  1. Include your Core Strengths

This may seem obvious but so many of us undervalue what comes naturally to us. Incorporate as many of your talents into your work as you can. It creates a more unique offering, a powerful brand and greater perceived value for your clients. For example, if you’re a photographer and you love to talk and share stories, use vlogs or add a couples story segment to your wedding packages.

Take what people always compliment you on and incorporate these skills in your offers.

  1. Communicate the Results

Your prospects and clients are tuned in to the WIIFM channel, what’s in it for me? Think benefits and results. What problem will you help them solve? How will they feel? Too often we focus on the How’s, the features and not enough on the Why’s, the benefits and results.

Ask yourself ‘why do I care about helping my target market?’ Your answer will have the benefits and results in it.

  1. Create a Step-by-Step Process

Take your client out of overwhelm and into action. It’s not more information they want, it’s actionable insight. Useful strategies that have an implementation factor, preferably in a clearly outlined step-by-step process. Small manageable modules in a program are way more effective than a dissertation that covers every eventuality. Create small wins and build momentum to keep your clients focused on the end result.

Don’t overload, you can add more later. Use bonus material for top up’s if you need to.

  1. Accelerate the Process

We are all looking for ways to do things in less time. It’s not about more or working harder it’s about working smarter. Create a support system around your package or offer that speeds up the process for your clients. What would help them achieve their results sooner?

Do they have time or even the desire to read your 100-page ebook? Unlikely so perhaps some helpful cheat sheets, audios, videos or mindset support to keep them focused and on track.

Bring added value and extra features to accelerate your client’s results.

  1. Launch Before it’s Perfect

They say entrepreneurs jump and build the parachute on the way down. So why are you waiting until your product or package is perfect? There is no such thing. Done is better than perfect so get it out there and continue to get feedback, fine tune and improve as you go.

Perfectionists procrastinate and if that’s you them find a way to kick-start your launch. Get an accountability partner and announce your launch date publicly.

If you’re not already, incorporate these steps into your signature system. As well as creating more profit in your business, your marketing will be easier and you’ll reach more of your ideal clients, doing work you love.

Business Growth Strategist of Helen Roe
Helen Roe is a Business Growth Strategist and Marketing Mentor for business owners who want to lead an extraordinary life. She helps entrepreneurs package their expertise, market it and generate lasting profit.