10 Critical Traits Entrepreneurs Should Look for When Seeking a Love Partner


Time, energy, money, and environment are four things entrepreneurs value at the top of their list and they are also the same four things they hate to waste. Choosing the right person can mean the difference between making it successfully, barely making it or not making it all. Relationships require commitment at varying degrees and it’s largely dependent upon knowing the needs of both participants.

In the beginning of relationship, you’re dating what I like to call the “representative” of that person. Of course this person is going to be on their best behavior to win your approval. But at some point, the selling stops and the real person shows up. Good luck with that if you haven’t done your homework.

It would be great if we could pull a Carfax on a person’s relationship and personality history. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could see if they had been in three previous accidents, had the odometer rolled back, or had a clean record with no previous owners? But it’s not that simple. However, if we would spend more time researching, observing, and asking questions about the person we are bringing into our life; we could avoid future headaches, heartbreaks, and financial disasters in the process.

The problem is we don’t put in enough time figuring out the traits in people before we let them get close to us. We tend to know the physical traits we like in a person such tall, medium build or slim, beautiful or handsome, nice hair and abs. But do we have a similar list of characteristics for the type of person whom we know will bring out our best?

If we would put as much time and effort into researching what we want, how we want to live and feel then we would have a better chance of attracting the person who compliments us the best.

Ask yourself what you like to do or where do you like to go and how do you like feeling in general. Definitely be sure to think about what you don’t like. No need to focus on the dislikes, too much. In other words, know what your deal-breakers are.

For instance, the “silent treatment” is a deal breaker for me. If a person’s way of dealing with conflict is to cut off all communication unexpectantly then not communicate for a lengthy period of time that behavior causes the relationship to deteriorate over time, and it causes me a great deal of emotional stress. I don’t need that and I don’t accept it. It doesn’t mean the person is a bad person. That behavior doesn’t work for me and I know I will eventually leave that relationship.

So pay attention to what you need in every aspect you can think of because this will be critical in your selection.

Once you’ve identified these things about yourself get started. If you need a boost, here’s a short list of 10 traits to look for in a love partner as an Entrepreneur.

  1. Good communicator: friendly, approachable, coachable, honest, kind
  2. Trustworthy & Loyal
  3. Reliable
  4. Intelligent: Thinks and speaks well
  5. Decisive: Makes good sound decisions
  6. They believe in your vision and mission
  7. Has a life of their own that they are actively working on and enjoying
  8. Supportive & Nurturing: You need a soft place to land after treading through “hell” all day
  9. Forgiving
  10. Happy, healthy and fun to be around
  11. Flexible: Your day isn’t confined to a “9-to-5”
Temeca Magee is the Editor-In-Chief of the Milso Guide, a social media platform designed specifically for women and the those who love them who are in need of relationship answers on how to make it work. Milso means "Military Significant Other". Her passion for helping increased tremendously from being a part of the military community during pre/post war times. However, her work has branched off from just serving the military and it is trending to encompass all women who can relate to the journey of being a woman.