Secret Entourage LUM-TEC M49 Watch

secret entourage Lumtec M49

The new Secret Entourage LUM-TEC watches are finally here after a long anticipated wait. The new pieces are the M49 stainless steel and M51 PVD, both automatic using a Japanese movement very similar to the one found in Rolex timepieces.

You might remember how Secret Entourage and LUM-TEC partnered last year on our previous watch, the Secret Entourage BULL45. We were very excited to work with LUM-TEC this year once more as we had just redesigned our site and were excited to have a new piece that matched our newer look. LUM-TEC informed us of their new lines of automatics and it only made sense to combine a newer and more affluent line with our new logo and the result was fantastic.

The new M49 is striking to look at, measuring right at 44mm and being just a tad thinner than a Panerai, it often gets mistaken for one. The casing is stainless steel and the finish is superb. The dial is easy to read and the four main numerals in white make it command attention on your wrist. The open case back and strong character gives it distinction from a non automatic watch.

secret entourage Lumtec M49

The band is where we see a significant improvement from LUM-TECas to the quality and ease of change. The mechanism now comes with a quick release system allowing you to change bands in seconds and the buckle is easy to use and matches in proportion to the watch. The quality of the leather is also significantly improved from before and even shows through the high quality stitching.

We are very happy with the LUM-TEC M49 stainless steel and feel it is very well priced under $900 for an automatic watch and would rank it a 9/10 for an entry level automatic.We are even more excited about the direction LUM-TEC is taking with its new lines and designs.

secret entourage Lumtec M49

Make sure to get your LUM-TEC M49 but don’t overpay for it, as LUM-TEC is a Secret Entourage sponsor.

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If you on the other hand are looking for Secret Edition of LUM-TEC M49, we have them in stock at a very special price. Just contact us for special pricing and additional goodies you can get for free with your order.

Join us next month as we review the LUM-TEC M51 by Secret Entourage.