Small Business, Big Vision by Adam and Mathew Toren

A day doesn’t go by where you don’t hear of a business failure or perhaps a failed attempt at entrepreneurship and it is often blamed upon circumstance, resources, or people but very rarely do people link lack of vision to business failure.

As discussed briefly in ART-E: The Master Entrepreneur, vision is a very important component of a successful business and must not be taken for granted. It is the drive, aspiration, motivator, and guide to a very long journey ahead, and despite changing from time to time or evolving it does need to remain with us from the beginning to the very end.

It is often mistaken for a dream but yet despite sharing resemblances, is nothing alike. A dream is fictional where a vision is more like a glimpse of what the future could look like. Small Business, Big Vision is a book that helps us form such a vision and helps us understand the reality in depth of how vision has helped shape so many successful businesses like Craigslist, 99 Designs, Spyfu and more.

The book reviews the various steps that can help you bring a vision to life as well as ways to differentiate vision from delusion. It breakdowns the myths behind business plans as well as the reality behind seeking investors when starting a business, both of which are very important as the message is very different and refreshing when compared to other books on the same topic.

Our favorite part would have to be the chapter named “From Entrepreneur to Icon”, which really dives deep into what makes a business go from good to that extraordinary level and then is followed by our second favorite chapter about the social responsibility that all successful entrepreneurs have and more importantly how it is not always about you, which is a mistake many tend to make when seeking the right vision.

It is  great that the book is geared to today’s businesses and entrepreneurs rather than fictional textbook writing that no longer applies in today’s market dynamics and global business model. The book also shares a positive message on perseverance and other attributes of successful entrepreneurs and does a great job at blending it into the need for vision in any business model.

Make sure to pick up your own copy of Small Business, Big Vision and pay close attention to its message. Author Adam and Matthew Toren have done a great job on this book and its message is powerful and well put together.

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