The New BMW E92 M3

e92 bmw m3

The new E92 BMW M3 is hot and quite amazing, it is fast, well balanced, affordable and quite beautiful. The car has been fully redesigned and re-engineered from its older brother the E46 BMW M3 which was famous from 2001-2006. The new generation referred to as the E92 started in 2008 model and is available in 2 or 4 doors, and happens to have a very nice brand new V8 under the hood.

This new M3 hosts a very nice naturally aspirated V8 that nets over 400HP and delivers with a nice 8,000 redline. Available in S.M.G II or traditional 6 speed, the new M3 shifts smoothly and offers fun in every gear.

e92 bmw m3

A new M3 will run you about $57,000 for the coupe well optioned and about $70,000 for the hardtop convertible. The M3 is available in standard or premium trim and with a multitude of color options (alpine white, pictured is our favorite).

e92 bmw m3

The coolest feature on the car is the carbon fiber roof which not only is beautiful but lightens up the car 200 pounds. The car pictured is a modified version of the E92 M3 featuring BBS LMR II wheels and has been lowered with Dinan titanium exhaust. Just to show you that despite having been out less than a year, the new M3 already has just about every aftermarket part available. The M3 market is the most popular tuner market and remains that way with the introduction of this new generation.


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