Stuart Hughes’ Diamond iPhone 4

In the world of mega luxury there exists those with a taste for rather more exclusive versions of the same gadgets the rest of us enjoy. These few people with limitless wallets, and exquisite taste for luxury lifestyle turn to one man: Stuart Hughes. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, I wouldn’t worry too much as the cheapest item Stuart sells is his iPhone 4 Gold & Diamonds Case for a mere $35,000.

Ranging from Audemars Piguet Watches to to Nintendo Wii, there is not one item that Stuart Hughes is not willing to cover in 18K gold or diamonds for the right price. Based out of the UK, Stuart Hughes’ designs and collection are not your average gold plating and gluing of diamonds, his work is art as it includes real high quality jewels as well as solid sheets of gold or rose gold…

Looking at the example of the Rose Gold iPhone case he had created for the 3GS would only give you an idea of what the iPhone 4 case is like. Starting from scratch, it took Hughes a team of 4 to complete the project and create a perfect sheet a of metal adapted to the right form, the 150 gram casing was then followed by 53 diamonds set into the Apple logo on the back of the phone.

The iPhone 4 casing is a bit different but none the less equally impressive. Since the iPhone 4 features a scratchless case as well as the camera on both sides, creating a case similar to the 3GS would not have worked, and so Stuart Hughes decided to do more diamonds than gold on this latest masterpiece, by doing the entire 4 sides in diamonds, and of course the Apple logo on the back too.

There are many other items in the Stuart Hughes collection that you should check out. From his 6 figure Nintendo Wii to the 1/2 million dollar suit, the list goes on and on but all are equally impressive works of art for us.

iPod casing in solid Rose gold 18K with diamonds all round key features and logo.

Platinum MacBook Pro with large diamonds in the logo

For more information on Stuart Hughes and his elaborate collection of mega luxury jewels, please visit his website at

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