D2 Life – The Day Timesquare Stood Still

On July 31st, New York was forever changed but this time for the better and not for the worst. Big Brother and Sister of America decided to hold a charity event and seeing that our friends at D2 Life were around NY, they decided to sponsor it. Time Square was closed off from 7pm to Midnight to display some of the world’s sexiest exotic cars. Our friends at D2 Life were present to showcase why the D2 is the definition of luxury living…

Here is more on what D2 had to say about this amazing 5 hours that stopped NY…

TheD2Life is the online portal to exclusive vehicles, better living, and networking. While reviewing our prospects for a launch event, we received an invitation to sponsor a exotic car show in Times Square NYC, for the Big Brothers & Big Sisters Charity.

Although a carshow in Times Square is a major platform for any website launch, we were more excited to partner with ExoticsRally and bring our awesome display of cars out for a good cause. The public introduction of TheD2Life.com was merely a added incentive!

The vehicles on hand from TheD2Life.com were our Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin Vantage, Porsche 997tt and BMW M6 Convertible. The event was covered by our media team of 4 photographers and video production team.

We would like to thank Exotics Rally for hosting such a awesome event, and recognize the Big Brothers & Big Sisters Charity for their efforts relating to our youth.

This is one of those events that you just need to be present in to understand the real meaning of luxury lifestyle. To those that were spectators at this event, just remember that this is why you work so hard… to be on the other side of the ropes and cameras. There is no reason why everyone that follows us can’t also be there with their own exotic car. Check out the awesome video and make it a goal that by next year, you will also have a car in this incredible show.