Luxury Real Estate – The Nature House

We are huge fans of sexy modern and open floor plans like the one found in this world famous “Nature House”. Created by Guz Architects, this luxury tropical property located in Singapore creates a perfect balance of life through open floor plans, and amazing views of the ocean and the nature around the home, enabling the real air to pass in almost every room of the home without the windows ever open.

The main design concept is to create a house which has close relationship with nature and this is achieved by having a swimming-pool linking the house with the landscape and ultimately visual connections with the sea.

Its called The Nature House as every element reminds you of your connection to nature such as the basement level media-room with a u-shaped acrylic window which allows diffuse natural light in and also views out into the pool. The curved roofs, which symbolizing the sea waves, also emphasize the idea of the nearby sea. One side faces the city, the other the ocean with a stunning pool in the courtyard dead in the center of the home.

This home actually feels like a giant fish bowl but we have yet to find a fish that would complain about living there…

Photography by Patrick Bingham Hall.