Luxury Real Estate – Jameson House 3302

You usually see us doing stories on gigantic modern homes well over  5,000 sq ft with multiple garages and big pools on private property. This month, however, we are going to feature a smaller condo and show you why bigger isn’t always better. Our friends at SR Auto Group have launched their lifestyle boutique and they recently showcased this amazing property which is very much worth seeing but only comes in right under 2,000 sq ft making it the smallest property by size we have ever reviewed.

Located in Vancouver and featuring only 3 bedrooms might seem like a stretch but let us assure you that high rise living in one of the best supercar cities of the world is not that bad, especially when you have 2,000 sq ft of modern genius.

jameson house

jameson house vancouver

jameson house coal harbour

jameson house coal harbour

jameson house vancouver

jameson house coal harbour

Here is what SR Auto Group had to say about the features and convenience of this modern masterpiece:

“It features state-of-the-art finishings’ including a Gaggeneau cooktop, Sub-Zero fridge and kitchens by Dada, constructed with a brushed metal design. The kitchen island is operated on a hydralic lift mechanism to provide a bar or table counter level height.

Its true claim to sophistication is the ‘ Fully Secured Automated Parking System ‘.  This precision system has been proven for over forty years throughout Europe.

Completely hassle free, it saves space, energy and time while increasing security for you and your vehicle. Never again will you circle the underground, searching for your spot or haul packages long distances from trunk to elevator.

Simply pull into the secure transfer station, lock your vehicle and go. Your car will be whisked away safely while you enter the main elevator. When you’re ready to depart, your vehicle will be quickly returned to you.”

Elegance, beauty, security and convenience with just enough technology to keep you wanting more but ultimately if you still feel like its too small, just look at the view. For $1.9 mil it can be yours too. Contact SR Auto Group for more information.


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