Project C63 AMG – Beast Unleashed!

A wolf in sheeps clothing just might be the best way to describe the C63 AMG. From the untrained eye, it looks like just another C-Class but those who recognize the AMG badge, will always give their respects. The 6.2L V8 engine is a thing of beauty and perhaps one of the best V8’s of this generation. Unfortunately, the days of big displacement motors are becoming a thing of the past in favor of smaller, more fuel efficient engines. When the same motor can be found with 50 more HP in the E63, SL63, S63, and other upscale models, it does raise the question as to why the C63 only has 451 HP. Simply put, Mercedes couldn’t have the baby C-Class be more powerful or faster so they slightly detuned it from the factory. We reached out to the folks at Eurocharged Performance to help us fix that problem.
Before we even began to touch the car, we wanted to get a few baseline numbers to see the true performance gain from our mods. We seeked out a Dynojet dyno and found one conveniently located at European Auto Source, a well known BMW performance shop in Anaheim, CA. We knew we were in good company when the shop is filled with BMW’s ranging from supercharged M3 street cars to fully built M3 track cars. An excellent operation to say the least.

Our goal was to get several pulls in with the car before the reflashed tune from Eurocharged. The only mods the car had prior to the tune was just a secondary cat delete that was more for sound rather than power. The C63 is a daily driver so it never sees any track time besides any spirited driving. Because of this, our first dyno pull only resulted in 354 rear wheel horsepower. Quite disappointing but then we remembered that the Mercedes C63 ECU will learn and adjust to your driving habits. As we kept doing more pulls, we were able to gain at least 10 rear wheel horsepower each time and reached a max of 373 rear wheel horsepower which puts us right on the money of where it should be.

With our baseline numbers dialed in we were ready to reflash the C63. The Eurocharged tune comes with a handheld programmer that connects to the cars OBD2 port. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the programmer and you’ll be able to reflash your ECU in just a matter of minutes. You can also revert the process back to stock if you ever need to visit the dealer too. We immediately did a few dyno pulls and was able to put down just over 420 rear wheel horsepower for a gain of 50 horsepower! It’s one thing to look at the number but what’s more interesting to note is the substantial increase across the entire powerband.

Our initial driving impressions can be summed up in one word: WOW. If you thought the C63 was an animal before, wait till you drive a tuned one. The car drives like stock but the second you step on the throttle, the car surges forward like a freight train, especially after 3000 RPM. In my opinion, this is what the C63 should of came like from the factory. If there’s one complaint, we just can’t stop smiling. This is by far the best bang for the buck mod for the C63 AMG. A big thank you to Eurocharged Performance for the tune and to European Auto Source for the great service and dyno pulls. Enjoy a sound and visual clip below.