New Brabus SL65 and E63

brabus sl65

Brabus Merecedes cars are notorious for being amazingly fast and entirely re engineered from the ground up. Brabus is known to take the body of a Mercedes and the main engine block, and switch just about everything else on the car to make their own version of what they believe to be the right Mercedes. These two latest examples are no exception to the rule. Introducing the new Brabus SL65, the SV12R and the latest brabus E63, the B63S. Both cars are simply stunning and offer more than simple exterior upgrades and fancy wheels.

Lets first start with our favorite the Brabus SL65 Sv12R, which is essentially a fully rebuilt SL65. The SV12R this year is not as bad as its older generation SL65, as it does not have 1000hp…thats right it does not have 1000HP like the older one that had to be de-tuned in order to be drivable. This one peaks right under 800lbs of torque and puts out close to 750 BHP from a twin turbo V12 motor, which is essentially different than the factory Sl65 despite the similarities on paper. Brabus Engineering goes as far as to change the displacement of the car and therefore creates quite a bit of room for improvement, which means that there is tons of room for boosting that HP past 1000.

brabus sv12r

On the outside the Brabus SV12R remains true to the Mercedes lines, using a slightly modified ground effects kit, LED lights, a lower stance for the suspension, bigger brakes and of course signature Brabus wheels to give the package a complete aggressive overhaul.


The interior is where I believe the SV12R to be most different from the SL65 AMG. Brabus replaces mostly all the vinyl with suede or leather and hand stitches everything in a zig zag fashion with duo tone leather creating incredible contrasts. The interior is then glorified with carbon fiber of piano wood, as found in some of the more expensive exotics. This is especially nice as the original SL65 costs close to $200,000 and this Brabus example is almost twice the amount, which leaves the question. Is it hotter than the new Lamborghini LP640?

brabus b63

Introduced alongside its bigger brother was the Brabus B63S, which is Brabus’ answer to the E63 AMG. This car gets slightly more modified on the outside than the SL pictured above but less so on the inside. The purpose of the E63 to begin with is the delivery of raw power on a daily driven basis and Brabus kept that in mind when making the B63S. They believed the car should perform at a 600Hp level which was easily done modifying the original 6.2L AMG motor but they also added the suspension components and LSD to ensure the B63S remains drivable.

brabus b63

The interior benefits from basic upgrades like steering wheel and interior trim, but yet retains basic AMG seats with Brabus logos. The interior colors are subtle and simple creating an aggressive and business like interior taht demands respect but does not jump at you like the Sv12R.

The exterior on the other hand is a mix of ground effects and carbon fiber, most of the exterior is contoured by an aggressive Brabus kit, the front adds LEDs to the fog lamps and a very clean Carbon Fiber lip which is followed by a matching carbon fiber rear diffuser.  The one downfall of the exterior remains the side vents which were done in carbon instead of being color matched to the body. As much as we enjoy carbon fiber, we truly believe that this addition ruined the outside of what could have been a perfect sedan. The car is of course finished of with a really clean set of newly designed 20″ wheels by Brabus themselves, this design remains exclusive to the B63S as of now and is available in multiple colors.The Brabus E63 will set you back close to $180,000 which now puts it in the league of the Maserati Quattroporte and the Bentley Arnage, which are both better built than this Benz.

brabus b63s

Bottom line remains that both the SV12R and the B63S are amazing cars and look promising as a display of what Brabus has inn store for its 2010 catalog. Each has components that are major upgrades over the factory SL65 and E63 but as a package fall very short due to the enormous price tag that is not justified by the caliber of the car.