Brief Introduction to Hublot Watches

Hublot Watches

Hublot watches are somewhat unknown to most, but they are nothing less than extraordinary to those of us that are watch connoisseurs. Hublot watches are of a very unique breed. Founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, Hublot watches redefined every watch convention by being one of the first to introduce the gold Hublot watch with the first natural rubber band, this has now become the inspiration of many other watchmakers who look at Hublot as an inspiration.

What makes Hublot watches famous?

Its quite simple, thats it!  Simplicity is what Hublot went for, precision, high quality, elegant and sporty can be summed up into the word simple.  Simplicity guided Carlo Crocco’s vision for movement, but a ship’s pothole guided his thoughts around design.  Twelve tiny titanium screws secure the lunette to the case, and mark the hours, in a meeting of form and function. All Hublot watches look similar in a sense, which makes them very unique like Panerai, which holds true to their crown protector design.

In the mid 90’s Carlo Crocco decided to pursue rubber and make it a true passion as he was creating a very unique rubber band for his very unique Hublot watches. That same band that revolutionized the watch industry and helped bring the world of watches to a halt and start paying attention to Hublot as a serious contender in the game.

What about that rubber?

3 years of research created a rubber bracelet that not only adapts to your wrist but regenerates upon contact with your skin. The adaptation of the bracelet to the wrist it is being worn on creates a feeling of lightness and comfort, while the regeneration keeps the bracelet looking new at all times.

Who wears Hublot watches?

Royalty and celebrities started wearing Hublot watches and of course as to anything else celebrities do, the world does too if they can afford to. Carlo Crocco has risked much going after the high end market first but as to every other entrepreneur will tell you, you must stay true to your vision, no matter how crazy others believe you to be. This risk proved him right as his timepieces are considered some of the world’s best and being that he remains one of the few independent family owned watch makers, he can retain his unique mono-product line similar to Panerai.

So now you know what Hublot watches are and why we love them, you also know that when you see a Hublot watch, then respect must be given to the owner in the sense of wealth, as the Hublot watches are too complex for a good replica and are usually not imitated as they are not generic like Rolex.

Gold Hublot watch picture

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