Monaco – The Ultimate Vacation Spot

Ruled by the Royal Grimaldi Family for over 700 years and recently passed on to Prince Rainer III, Monaco is the ultimate gateway for any wealthy family. High dollar yachts, million dollar cars and multi-million dollar estates coupled with the richest casino in the world makes it an exclusive island that only a few will get to enjoy in their lifetime. An average vacation will cost you north of $10,000 and will not include a shopping spree at some of the finest high couture designers in the world. Monaco is known to be home to some of the best stores in the world, ranging from Chanel to Panerai and all being mother stores with the latest apparel not available at any other location.

Ferrari SuperAmerica Monaco

Monaco is also the home to the famous Monte Carlo F1 Grand Prix which comes once a year. If you are lucky to catch it in the next three years. Here is the schedule: May 21-24, 2009    May 20-23, 2010   May 26-29, 2011

The grand prix is not only one of the best that takes place, but one of the most fun to watch as it takes place in the streets, rather than on a track. The streets that are closed off of course. It is also famous for attracting some huge celebrities.

Some of the most attractive features of the island are:

Daniel Steiners: Known to be one of the world’s most enjoyable spas. Daniel Steiners offers spa treatments with some amazing views of the riviera, without mentioning that the service is second to none. A must for any spa lover.

Fitness Center: Based inside the Fair Mont Hotel, this 45,000 sq ft facility features state of the art equipment, along with training techniques taught directly by some of the best trainers in the world, who made Monaco their home.

Margy’s: Offering everyone the ability to ride a private G5 or G4 at a premium cost of course and making you feel like you own the world as you visit various parts of France in style.

Monaco Panerai

Lets cover the best places to eat in Monaco. This is in order from best to worst, and keep in mind that even number 5 on this list is still better than number 1 in many places.

1. Ca Posushi
2. Le Pistou
3. Cafe Viennois
4. La reserve du Betieu
5. Le grand hotel de Cap ferrat

Monaco Cuisine

If you choose to head over, please remember to not be on a budget, as the best hotel to stay in will cost you an average of $700 per night during off season. That hotel is known as the FairMont Monte Carlo and offers some breath taking views of the french riviera, along with a collection of some of the finest automobiles known to man all available for rent. As a sample, the hotel shuttle is either a Maybach 62s or an Audi S8. That is what I call arriving in style.

From Rolls Royce to Bugatti, you can find some of the rarest cars in the world, and most expensive off course. Here is a preview of what some of the residents drive:

Gallardo MonacoMonaco Cl63 AMGGemballa Cayenne MonacoMonaco YachtsMonaco Yacht