How You Can Afford a Mansion

Here at Secret Entourage, we love to discuss lavish items, from homes to watches that we believe are expensive but within reach. We could just show you the life that takes 20-50 years to get to but instead we believe in showing you the life you can attain in less than 10 years making the right choices.

So here we present you our first property:

Located in Florida, this property lists right above 4 at $4.2 million

Here are the features:

5 bedrooms, 5600 Sq feet, two pools and of course, the must have three car garage. The best part is the amazing view.

Florida Mansion

This spectacular infinity pool blends with the breathtaking expansive bay views of the city & bridge landscape. This outstanding Italian renaissance style home is customized for the most quality conscious buyer. Dramatic foyer & two story open formal living area graces the ambiance of class, distinction and uniqueness of superb design. Gourmet kitchen speaks volumes of artistic quality. Marble staircase, bonus room, wet bars and elevator are some of the extras you will appreciate. This is an outstanding pleasure to view and even better pleasure to own. New dock accommodates several boats.

Florida Mansion

Florida Mansion

Florida Mansion

Now, we ve just seen an amazing home and as noted earlier, I did say it is affordable but yet I also said its $4 million. So lets look at the way to get to $4 million in less than 10 years.

Earlier I noted that making the right choices would lead the right outcome, so what are those choices that get us here. I’ll make this simple. The way you make money is by getting out of your comfort zone and taking calculated risks, real estate is always a good choice, as you really can’t lose in the long run, but only suffer a small set back.

Assume you buy a home for $200,000 and sell it for $300,000 ($100,00 increase in 3 years is conservative) you made about $100,000 in less than 3 years, now you have $100,000 to play with, and work for you. I personally would put it back in real estate in the form of a down payment on 2-3 homes, now you make two to three times as much. Very simple right?

It is that simple but you must have made the right choices that have helped you get ready for the opportunities. For example you must have the following prior to playing:

-Excellent credit, solid employment, original down payment, savings, financial education, loan education and of course discipline and patience.

These are the essentials you need. Then you simply need to do the right research, get the right homes in the right locations and start the process until you find the first one. Once there don’t just relax, start working on the next one, and envision where you need to get, put comfort aside for greatness and achieve.

I will cover this more in detail soon, so that the fairy tale can look more like reality and how I got to $4 million in 10 years, its not magic, it’s common sense mixed with determination.