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To continue the trend of featured stories from Canada, we bring you our latest featured photographer, Marcel Lech.We are always surprised with the talent and imagination of the younger generation. One might think these photos are from an expert or veteran of the photography business for many years but Marcel Lech isn’t even 18 yet. As a current native of Vancouver, Marcel has done all kinds of photography ranging from scenic photos but mainly automotive photography. Vancouver isn’t blessed with an abundance of exotic cars like South Florida or Los Angeles but Marcel has managed to capture car culture that resides in Canada.

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It all started the moment Marcel picked up a Canon point and shoot camera. He kept practicing and slowly outgrew several cameras which has finally lead him to a Canon Digital Rebel XTi which he has currently.  Marcel generally sticks with the 17-85mm but also carries around a 50mm f1.8 and Sigma 70-300 Macro lens when he needs it. No fancy high end camera or tons of lenses. Being that photography is quite an expensive hobby and Marcel still in school, he has managed to make the best of what he has. A quick look at his pictures and you wouldn’t know he’s using an entry level DSLR.

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What sets Marcel apart from the rest is that he has a very distinct style of capturing and editing images. He keeps it relatively simple by using a circular polarizer on all his lens to eliminate reflections and increase the saturation of the colors. He then uses Photoshop to do slight editing to make the images more vibrant while still remaining natural looking. His goal for each photo is for clarity while keeping a professional look.

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Since Marcel lives in Vancouver, he has the privilege of being close to several high end dealerships and tuning shops like SR Auto Group.  Marcel takes the opportunity to photograph their inventory and projects. Like our previous featured photographer, Marcel likes to keep his camera with him at all times to capture cars roaming the streets for spur of the moment photos.

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Photography has been a hobby for Marcel being that he is still a student. However, that has not held him back for conducting paid photoshoots for various clients. He also had the honor of his photo being featured in a magazine before. As of right now, 2010 is looking positive for Marcel as he has several photoshoots lined up.

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We thank Marcel Lech for taking the time to talk to us and for sharing great images of the car culture in Vancouver. If you need any photography needs performed in Vancouver, don’t hesitate to contact Marcel through the following locations below. Check out more pictures by him through his Flickr on the side.

Marcel Lech Photography