Stunning BMW M6 on D2 Forged VS1

d2forged bmw m6

Secret Entourage knows when to compliment someone on their wheels and modifications, as it is not everyday you see cars done right. Car enthusiasts will often overdo their cars with unnecessary chrome or add the wrong size wheels and forget to lower their cars. Sometimes we have no idea what goes on in peoples minds when it comes to car modifications.  We also believe that no car should remain stock and that’s why we can truly appreciate D2 Forged and the work they do. D2 Forged has exploded onto the scene with their line of wheels rivaling some of the big name companies like HRE.

We brought you the D2 Forged success story and have featured their Aston Martin Vantage Project and Lamborghini Murcielago previously, both of which were some of the best examples of the cars to be found out there. Now comes the latest project sitting on their 21″ VS1 Wheel, the BMW M6 Convertible.

We love the M6 as it simply makes for a well balanced car, while remaining relatively low key but also fast enough to keep up with exotic cars. BMW M6’s can be had at a reasonable price and despite its gas guzzling V10, it does make a great daily driver.

m6 d2forged vs1

The BMW M6 is equipped with exhaust, coilovers for suspension, tinted tails and of course the D2 Forged touch with 21″ VS1 wheels wrapped in Nitto Invo tires. The D2 Forged VS1 are brushed silver with black accents and chrome lips which showcase a nice 4″ lips on the rear.

This M6 is once again a display of what D2 Forged can really do, and how much weight wheels hold on a car’s looks. For your next car, make sure to call D2 Forged and let those guys make your car look its part on the streets.

D2 Forged

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