Top 5 Exotic Cars of 2011

Conversations with car guys tend to involve a lot of lists (that occasionally turn into arguments). Top 10 90’s cars, top 3 Porsches, best engine noises – this goes on for hours. With the Secret Team there is no exception, so in the true “car guy” spirit we would like to bring you our list for the top 5 exotics of 2011. Here they are, in no particular order:

Lamborghini Aventador

lamborghini aventador

We at Secret are huge fans of Lamborghini (check out our old project car), so it’s no surprise that the Aventador was one of the first cars to go on this list. We don’t even need to get into the performance numbers – just look at it. A true Batmobile if we’ve ever seen one. Would a car with lines that aggressive be slow?

McLaren MP4-12C

mclaren mp4-12c

The McLaren MP4-12C is setting the bar for seriously fast exotics. Equally as impressive as its straight-line speed, though, is the signature McLaren air brake used first in the McLaren F1. It is by far and away the strongest braking system we have felt in a streetcar.  Sit down in the bucket seats, place your hands in the same steering wheel grip as Lewis Hamilton, dial it in to “sport” mode and hang on tight.

Ferrari FF

ferrari ff

Controversial as it may be, the Ferrari FF boldly assures its customers that Ferrari is not afraid to test the limits in new markets. A high-strung V12, four-wheel drive, Pininfarina shooting brake design, and $360,000 price tag combine to make this the fastest, most expensive production hatchback in the world. Not surprisingly, this awesome example of form and function has had a long waiting list since release. One of our favorites!

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

mercedes sls amg roadster

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster is an improvement over the standard version, in our opinion. The iconic gullwings are cool, but we’ll leave them to 300SL. Bold looks, a drop top, 6.2L V8 and the coolest interior of the bunch make this car the perfect weekend cruiser.

Bentley Continental GT

The second coming of the Bentley Continental GT gives a strong indication of what could become of the future of exotic automobiles. The W12 from the first generation rolls on to the new model, however an Audi-sourced V8 will be an option in the 2011 CGT. Producing 500 horsepower and almost as much torque, this V8 will have a setting to switch into 4-cylinder mode to save fuel. This raises the question of how much time it will take until fuel economy becomes a factor in every exotic. Hopefully the master engineers will keep coming up with ways for exotics to be efficient and fast!

So there you have it, our top 5 for 2011. Disagree with anything on the list? Comment below!

Keep in mind that all these models qualify for our course on how to drive an exotic car for free.