Top 10 Most Expensive Car Options Ever

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder _6_

Owning your first Lamborghini or Aston Martin is definitely a way to celebrate success and hard work.  But for those who want to set themselves apart from the crowd, the price doesn’t stop there.  Here is our list of the top 10 most expensive car options ever.

10.  Granite Trim

It’s stone, in a car.  Somehow adding weight just doesn’t seem the thing to do.  But the granite trim for the Mercedes CL’s is less than one millimeter thick.  The weight of the price tag: $2,650.

Granite Trim

9.  Blind Spot Warning System

Many car companies these days are using technology to make cars safer for drivers to enjoy.  Infiniti uses their intuitive Blind Spot Warning System on the Infiniti QX56.  What you get is a sensor that will detect a car in the blind spots that will light up an indicator.  If you use the turn signal with a car in the blind spot that indicator will flash with and sound a warning.  Be prepared to be blindsided though by the $12,750 cost.  Sometimes mirrors just aren’t good enough.

Blind Spot Warning System

8.  Magnesium Wheels

There is no lighter periodic element to build a wheel with than Magnesium.  A set of Porsche 918 wheels aren’t even the most expensive set you can get your hands on.  What do you have to do one up this wheel’s $32,500 price tag?  Keep reading.


7.  Transponder Key

Of course you are a fan of Aston Martin.  You have a pulse, right?  We’re all familiar with the sapphire “Emotional Control Unit” of the DBS.  Since partnering with Jaeger-LeCoultre, now you can use your Transponder Watch to unlock the doors to their DB9, DBS and Rapide models.  To stylishly open your DB9 will cost you $28,500.  DBS access goes for $44,200.  As for the Rapide, good luck finding out without a purchase.  You know what they say.  If you have to ask…

Transponder Key Rapide

6.  Forged/Diamond Finished Wheels

Forged wheels are nothing new.  Forged wheels developed by Ferrari specifically for the new LaFerrari are in a completely different league.  Then Ferrari finishes the wheel in diamonds.  This finish gives a life to Ferraris wheels that allow them to sparkle and shine like no other.  The sheen the wheels have to them is very noticeable.  You might even be able to see every bit of the $47,440 reflecting in them.


5.  Brakes

Nissan seems to have broken many of the laws of physics with the GT-R.  No wonder brakes are now an option with the R35 Spec-V.  Cost to stop, $50,000.


4.  More Granite

What if you love the granite option but your sights are a bit higher in the Mercedes range.  No worries my friend.  You can also get a granite trim option for your Maybach.  How much will it cost to rock that?  Just over $58,000.


3.  Paint

Porsche finds its way back on our list with the 918, this time with Liquid Metal paint.  Its not a metallic paint, plating, or powder coating.  It is a process that allows the application of metal in a cold, liquid form.  To be honest, it’s pretty cool.  The Chrome Blue or Silver colors will cost you a cool $63,000 of cold hard cash.


2.  Carbon Fiber Bodywork

It’s probably true to say that someone makes an aftermarket Carbon Fiber part for almost every sports car out there.  In the case of supercars, manufacturers are adding more and more to their products.  And no one does a carbon fiber option like Pagani.  On the Pagani Huayra you can now have full Carbon Fiber bodywork for just over $152,000, making the Huayra the number 2 most expensive application of it.  What could possibly cost more than all of that Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber Bodywork5

1.  Less Carbon

So what, many supercar manufacturers are doing full carbon bodies.  Well, it takes an entire Veyron Super Sports with naked Carbon Fiber body work to hit $300,000.  But the Carbon Fiber rear diffuser for the LaFerrari alone will cost you $248,000.  What is the number 1 most expensive car option ever?  The LaFerrari’s Carbon Fiber front end.  Cost: $333,500.