Top 10 Cars That Have Fully Depreciated and Become Great Buys

If you follow our method of buying and selling exotic cars for a profit, then you know that part of the equation is to find makes and models that have already taken the maximum beating allowed based on our calculations, and as a result won’t be going much lower from an age standpoint. The only variables that remain in play are condition, mileage and history. These cars listed below have already taken their main depreciation and won’t be losing their value anytime soon on the basis of age, which makes them the perfect cars to profit from, or should we say enjoy then profit from. Make sure you stick to the baselines we discuss so you buy the right ones, and not anyone.
2006-2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage
The Vantage has now already dropped to the $45K-55K range for a clean well loaded car and will no longer continue to drop unless either damaged or simply flooded with extra miles. The right mileage point is 15-20K miles for this incredibly fun and immensely beautiful car. $45K for a car that once cost $120K+ is a very attractive proposition. It’s almost the same price as a base model new Lexus GS. Be sure to reference our Vantage buyers guide.
Photo credits: anyett

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

2007-2008 997 Porsche 911 Turbo
The infamous 911 Turbo continues to be one of the most fun and affordable driver’s sports car. Very affordable maintenance, a strong aftermarket support model, and now one generation old, the 997 Porsche 911 Turbo is one of the best values around. Models for 2007 can be had for about $55K for a very well kept clean 30K mile car. Just stay away from the tiptronic transmission models, as the PDK wasn’t introduced till 2009 and the only automatic that isn’t going to crumble pricing. 6 speed cars are out there, and at the right price but you’ll have to search a bit.
Photo credits: tmann

997 Porsche 911 Turbo

2003-2005 Dodge Viper
While American cars are not always the most reliable or built of the highest quality, the Dodge Viper is the icon of American muscle and a very attractive depreciating asset. 2003 convertibles have been sold in the high $20K price range and can be normally and often bought in mid to $30s giving you one of the most iconic American muscle car that still looks like $100K for less than a loaded Honda Accord. The 2006 GTS coupe is also a cool car but you’ll have to shell out high 40’s for that.
Photo credits: A. C.

Dodge Viper

2007 Maserati Quattroporte GT
First generation Maseratis were problematic but in 2007, Maserati introduced the use of the ZF automatic transmission in the Quattroporte making the car much more reliable and affordable from a maintenance standpoint. Lots of beauty, lots of car for the miniscule $20-25K price tag of owning one today. 2008 models are the most attractive but pricing remains in the $30s for those. Finding the right 2007 would allow you to be famous for less than a loaded Volkswagen Passat. Be wary of worn out center console buttons and steering pump failures as the repairs can get costly if you don’t know a good enough mechanic. Be sure to reference our Maserati Quattroporte buyers guide.
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Maserati Quattroporte GT

2006-2008 BMW M5 and M6
The V10 cars are now done with for BMW, but this generation will continue to do very well on the used market. Most M5 and M6 V10 cars can now been had at 25% of face value with clean examples going for around $25K. Make sure to check out our entire inspection process found in the BMW M5 buyers guide in order to not fall victim of high repairs. We owned a 2007 M6 as a project car and it was to date one of the greatest balanced daily driver cars we have ever owned.
Photo credits: Wheels Boutique

BMW M5 and M6

2003-2005 Mercedes SL55/SL65 AMG
Our latest SL55 project car Sadie was driven for 5 months, completely customized, and sold off for a profit. Most SL55 can be bought between $20-30K and while condition plays a significant price in the car, it’s still one of the nicest hardtop convertibles for an affordable price. Make sure to check out our case study of our project cars for must have options on this rare gem.

Mercedes SL55/SL65 AMG

2007-2008 Mercedes G55 AMG
Who doesn’t like the famous G wagons that dominate LA. The G wagon was originally over $140K and can now be bought for half of that. Believe it or not the G wagon is one of the greatest cars in terms of value, as the prices rarely drop even when used. Some G55 cars with over 100K are still selling for $60K+. Finding the perfect 08 G55 is the way to go as it is highly desirable, and has updated technology. This truck is now officially old enough that pricing will only drop if the condition or mileage becomes excessive.
Photo credits: Josh Coleman

Mercedes G55 AMG

2004-2006 Lamborghini Gallardo
The Gallardo is the car that put Lamborghini back on the map and it can now be bought between $80-90K. Still a lot of money right? The beauty of this car is that the market has adjusted itself 3 years ago and since then, the car has barely depreciated based on time. The real issue lies in condition and mileage but with less and less cars being available, especially as time passes, we can see the right cars holding their values right at the same mark. Check out our Gallardo buyers guide and case study on how we profited $10K in 5 months driving our very own 2004 project car.
Photo credits: Spencer Berke

Lamborghini Gallardo

2002-2005 Lamborghini Murcielago
The big brother Lamborghini has also hit rock bottom with incredible pricing in the low $100’s with the cleanest models selling for $130K. While repair costs can be high and maintenance is a bit more, there is tremendous value in buying and holding the right Murcielago. Look for 6 speed cars as the rarity is certain to bring a premium over time, especially since 6 speed cars are becoming extinct for many of today’s top exotic car manufacturers.
Photo credits: Have Fun SVO

Lamborghini Murcielago

2000-2003 Ferrari 360 Modena
This list would not be complete without the classic Ferrari Modena. A car that was introduced between 1999 and 2005 with the best models for buying, enjoying, and reselling being the 2000-2003. Outside of the potential risk for maintenance and repairs, the pricing of these cars today under $60K is very attractive. Find a 6 speed manual car that isn’t selling and you can hold on to that for some time because these cars can sell quickly and bring great money in without the F1 transmission. Owning a Ferrari has never been this affordable nor such an attractive business proposal.
Photo credits: coopey

Ferrari 360 Modena

Hope you enjoyed our list of cars that have already depreciated beyond their curve. Check out Exotic Car Secrets for the full list of great buys in today’s market as well as tips and tricks to make sure you never come out upside down. The joy of being able to simply move some money into toys like these and enjoy them for free is phenomenal. Hope you too can become exotic car owners and realize that the ownership doesn’t have to be costly and in most cases holds much more value than conventional car buying techniques. Long gone are those days.
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