Project “White Smoke” C63 AMG Begins!

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In the pursuit of a new daily driver, we had several requirements in mind. First, it would have to be a fun car with a track record of being reliable. Second, it would need to have to be comfortable yet luxurious but also have ample amounts of power. Lastly, it had to work with our luxury car buying system. Our options had us looking at everything from older Mercedes Benz E63 AMG’s to BMW E60 M5’s to Range Rover Sports but we ultimately had eyes on two cars: the BMW E92 M3 and the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG.

At the end of the day, it came down to what was the better daily driver. The M3 had amazing handling with a fantastic dual clutch transmission but the downsides were that M3’s are found on every street corner and the lack of torque was very noticeable. So that left us with the C63 which isn’t perfect in its own right but had awesome low end torque for everyday driving and a beautiful symphony from its 6.2L V8. The C63 won our hearts and respectfully won it’s place in the Secret Entourage garage. Thankfully the C63 online community is strong so all of our questions and concerns were answered before making the purchase. Our buying process and research allowed us to put together a C63 AMG buyers guide for you all to checkout if you too are in the market.

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Finding the right car was just a matter of patience and ensuring that we bought one full loaded sans P30 Package (performance package) and in one of the more desirable colors. The price range allowed for 08-10 models so we were luckily able to spot an 09 fully loaded white on black C63 on It was in perfect condition with all options and accessories minus the P30 package. The P30 package was not a deal killer simply because it didn’t provide enough value to merit the purchase. With the plans we have for this car, we could purchase aftermarket parts for cheaper that would have the same affect. The owner was an enthusiast as well who kept it relatively stock except for smoked side markers and some LED lighting inside/outside.

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The car now resides in our hands and initial driving impressions after long term use have shown the C63 to be very reliable and loads of fun with the only downfall of poor gas mileage and an outdated transmission. While very powerful out of the box, we figure performance will be the first priority and then aesthetics. With the engine essentially the same as the higher rated 507 HP E63 ,S63, CLK63 BS, and more, we knew we wanted to unleash the full power from our detuned engine. We’ve reached out to Eurocharged to help us bump up the power to where it should be with their handheld ecu reflash tune. Stay tuned to see what kind of power we put down on a dyno.