Project “Blue Wave” – Modulare Wheels x Secret Entourage x Mansory

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Ever since Project Matador its been awhile since we featured another project car. For our next project car, we decided to take it easy and find what we deemed to be a bargain by the standards of our very own system of buying exotic cars. We find the Aston Vantage to be one of the best values on the market for a daily driven exotic car and can easily be driven for a free for a few months without many issues. From our past experience with our last Project Aston Martin, we found the Vantage to be highly reliable, making the maintenance and cost of ownership fairly low as well.

We also appreciate the fact that Aston Martin allowed some pretty wild colors for the Vantage from its contemporary catalog. If you look hard enough, you can usually find a few of these cars laying around at a few dealers or being sold on eBay. We found this stunning Monaco Blue on Ivory interior sitting around with only 9700 miles on the clock. The combination of Blue and White may seem intimidating at first but it truly is stunning in person and believe it or not, we love unique cars.

Pejman Vantage

We love them so much that we simply cannot leave them stock. Even this daily driven car was in need of upgraded wheels, suspension and more. For this project, we wanted to keep it simple and so we decided to reach out to Modular Wheels for a very hot OEM like and classy design. A lightweight Monoblock made perfect sense and Modulare Wheel’s unique tinted brushed finish was  the best fit for our unique blue color. The B30 Monoblock design was simply the best design Modulare offered for the Vantage in our opinion and retained that factory OEM Vantage S look but with a much more aggressive offset. For tires we chose to ask Falken for a set of their FK452 tires. Suspension was done through an affordable set of H&R springs which really didn’t damage ride quality and lowered the front just enough for the right stance.

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The last must have mod on a Vantage is the exhaust which we happened to buy from Mansory. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none and while the note is not the loudest, it is one of the sharpest we have heard to date especially if you do not plan to upgrade to 200 cell cats. All in all, a perfect complement to the Vantage and the creation of a perfect daily driver. A big thank you to Peter at Modulare Wheels and Jason Stewart for his photography.

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