Lou La Vie X Secret Entourage – Bal Harbour

Beautiful weather, beautiful location, beautiful cars and people all made time to meet on March 30th 2012 for the grand opening of Lou La Vie’s new Bal Harbour location. An evening that certainly will be remembered by all that attended, the grand opening party of Lou La Vie’s newest office in Bal Harbor was a huge success.

John Temerian, owner and CEO of Lou La Vie has now managed to open his third location in very little time and has truly helped take the LLV brand to the next level with an amazing selection of exotic cars and unmatched industry customer service standards. This evening was nothing short of amazing and truly showcased the hard work that John and his team put towards making Lou La Vie the premiere exotic car rental agency in South Florida.

For those of you not from South Florida, Bal Harbour shops, where Lou La Vie’s newest office is located, is one today’s most exclusive malls and certainly makes no excuses for catering to some of today’s most affluent and wealthy individuals. The shops themselves are presented in a covered outdoor fashion and it is very common to see not one but a series of exotic cars like Bugatti, McLaren, Rolls Royce and more lining up the parking lot as well as the valet. That said, it was only natural that an event like this would attract a large number of exotic car owners, as well as their significant others (we are referring to their cars). We spotted several Ferrari cars including a 599 GTO in Bianco white, as well as a strong showing of Rolls Royce Ghosts and 4 Fisker Karmas along side many other exotics like the Ford GT, Lamborghini LP560 and even a Porsche GT2RS.

The evening certainly had lots of entertainment with many of LLV’s exotic car fleet present and on display including their Spyker C8, Ferrari F430, Maserati Grand Cabrio and Supercharged Range Rover. Live music, an open bar sponsored by Grey Goose, and a series of models including local beauty pageant winners like Miss Miami and Miss South Beach which certainly earned their titles. :)

As a friend of Secret Entourage, John Temerian did tell us a bit more about his vision for LLV and where he sees it all going.

Lou La Vie is more than just an exotic car rental, it is a luxury lifestyle brand; but more importantly it is one that differs itself from its competition by providing an unrivaled level of customer service and satisfaction each and every time. Service has been dead in this industry and we are here to change that by making sure that every client experiences the Lou La Vie difference every time rather than just rent an exotic car

Having had Lou la Vie as a partner of Secret Entourage and having referred people over to John, we can comfortably say that the Lou La Vie team truly lives up to this high expectation they have set for themselves and are doing a great job setting a standard that their competition will have a hard time keeping up with.

We want to thank the whole team at Lou La Vie for allowing Secret to be part of this event and want to send a special thank you to John Temerian and Kristyn Royal for their hard work that night hosting and putting together such a great event. Make sure to check out more of Lou La Vie and keep in mind that Secret readers do get special pricing for any exotic car rentals simply by mentioning Secret.