SR Auto Group X PUR Wheels – Lexus LFA “Reignfire”

Someone had to be the first to get it right and it seems that SR Auto Group was that someone! With the help of PUR Wheels and Open Road Lexus, SR Auto Group brings us this amazing work of art named “Reignfire” based of the very rare and amazing Lexus LFA. Priced right above the $300,000 mark, while the LFA might not be the fastest car out there, also demonstrates that reliability and amazing technology can be combined with exotic cars.

According to SR Auto Group:

“Project Reignfire represents the unwillingness to never¬†forfeit your dreams. As cliche as it sounds, it has been a dream come true to work with Open Road Lexus on this groundbreaking project.”

This Lexus LFA seems to be sporting PUR Depth 4OUR Wheels in a very unique finish, with a classic black used on the spokes and Gloss Lumiere Grey for the lip, giving a very unique contrast to the orange like finish on the calipers.

Truly a work of art only as PUR and SR can deliver.

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