Best Baller Cars under $30,000

Perception is everything and in today’s world the perception of money is often associated with cars, but is it always true? There are many ways to create the perception of money in this country using no more than a simple average dollar car, you just have to know which one to pick. The phrase “you have to pay to play” is true but you don’t always have to pay up front to get the car that will make all your friends drool and ask you “What do you do?”. Secret Entourage takes you to our top 5 picks for most baller cars without a baller price.

#5(2004-2006) Audi A8 – The Audi A8 is the flagship of Audi and carried a price tag of $100,000 when new, it features state of the art electronics and gadgets and has one of the best looking interiors you will ever sit in. The car also sports a nice V8, with a very nice set of modern 19″ wheels if you get the sports model as you should. The Audi A8 has not been redesigned yet and isnt expected to appear in its new shape till 2011, which gives you till 2012 for the current body to look outdated and lose its ultra luxury feel. Just keep in mind that 2004 and 2005 models had electronics issue but were all resolved, so please make sure that you are clearly checking the warranty history of the Audi A8 you select.

#4 – (2004-2006) BMW 745LI – The flagship of BMW needs no introduction and comes in two wonderful models, the 745i and the 745li, both of which were selling again close to $100,000 when new. The 2004 and up models had the most improved I-Drive system and can be found for mid $20,000 all day long. Finding one with a warranty will not be easy but still worth a shot. This car’s appeal will stop crowds everywhere and simply say “I am successful” if maintained properly. The new 750i model was releases by BMW last year but is still too new and pricey to be seen on the street everywhere just yet. I predict that you still have 12 months of baller left out of their car and then you’ll have to cough up some real cash on a newer one.

#3 – (2005-2006) Range Rover HSE – Everyone knows Range Rovers, and its simply the rich man’s Hummer but it is very good looking, luxurious and commands presence when driven on the streets. Besides just being a good looking SUV, the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover HSE full size are very useful during snow storms. The beauty here is to find a nice 2005 Pearl White HSE and put a set of 24″ D2Forged Wheels on it. You have the perfect recipe for a unique luxury perspective. The new Rover HSE starts at $75,000 and well optioned can go upwards of a $105,000. The 2010 is by far much more striking to the car connoisseur but is not out there as much and doesn’t look that different when side by side, meaning that this mode should have another 2-3 years of awesomeness left.

#2 – (2004-2006) Mercedes E55 – Not quite the size of a full luxury sedan, but none the less a mid size that sports a real AMG badge, a V8 with 520lb ft of torque, massaging seats and Brembo brakes. The E55 is our #2 choice as it will forever remain a classic and in the hearts of all car enthusiast. The car new sold for $98,000 well loaded and is simply a car you don’t mess with. The body despite being now outdated by the new and innovative new 2011 E Class design, will never die as it is the last to sport the 5.4L motor that was loved by so many and abandoned by Mercedes for the new efficient 6.2L. This car is and forever will remain the classic “beast” and therefore still screams “baller”.

#1 – (2003-2006) S500 and Cl500 – Nothing screams ” I have money” more than a big body Benz and the last generation S and CL were no exception and still are looked at as expensive by the general public. The classic lines of the old benzes will forever live on as new Benzes look nothing like their old predecessors, meaning that to the common eye the new S and CL have not grown to be the flagship of Mercedes just yet, partially due to the fact that these cars sell well in the mid $100,000 and are very futuristic looking. Get your old Cl500 or S500 while you can but make sure to opt for one with the AMG body styling package as they simply look cheap without them. You should have a good 2 years left before the new S Class drops in the low 30K range making this last generation look cheap.

This concludes our top 5 pick for most baller cars under $30,000 but keep in mind that with all these cars, we strongly recommended buying them with some sort of warranty or certified program as repairs have not gotten cheaper just cause the car has, and make sure that you are not spending the money you are saving on repairs. Taking proper care of your car and having it look always new is one of the main factors that draw crowds to a car, so please keep them clean out there.

But yet…Keep in mind that there is always a way to “Drive a Luxury Car for FREE” That’s the real Secret to Success.