L4P Orange County Cruise

Over the weekend we had the chance to go on one of the runs set up by the folks at L4P. Usually their runs are long distance cruises that last at least an hour. This time it was kept to a simple 20 minute cruise within Orange County, CA. I’m assuming they kept this one short to prepare for the next one coming up that is from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. Being that it was our first attendance, we didn’t know what to expect. But all in all it was a good time with good people. Enjoy our photographic timeline of the L4P cruise.

Most of the guys here had met up at Cars and Coffee in Irvine, CA first. But since Cars and Coffee empties out by 9am, the actually meeting point for the cruise was at a Starbucks a few miles away. Stay tuned for Cars and Coffee coverage too!

Randy’s daily driven Gallardo Superleggera. All self wrenched and sporting the first Super Trofeo front bumper. Only in SoCal you’d see someone daily drive a Lamborghini.

A pair of new BMW M3’s and Steve’s matte black F430 at the Starbucks. If we tried running non state tags back home we’d get thrown in jail!

This fella claimed he had a  “2100 LB” Ferrari F430 Scuderia. Lighter than a Miata? Sure…. but hey anything’s possible right? You be the judge…

A pair of Rossion Q1’s. Rumor has it that one of these was packing 525 wheel horsepower.With a weight of less than 2500 lbs, this is pure power to weight. I believe he said they’ve done 0-60 in 2.9 sec!

A meet in California is never complete without Lamborghini’s. The owner also has a F430 too. There’s some footage of this LP640 launching at a stoplight somewhere….

A red Murcielago driven by a young guy. It had Raging Bull Performance banner on the windshield. Nice color that you don’t see often.

At around 10:30am everyone started to head on out. The route was relatively simple with a mix of highway and country roads to ultimately end up in Newport Beach.

Naturally Aspirated V10 or Twin Turbo V6? Take your pick. You know I’d take the Gallardo!

The sole Ferrari 360 Modena on the cruise.

You can never get tired of looking at the rear end of a Murcielago. Unfortunately he left the cruise half way into it.

Once we got off the highway onto some side roads, the run was pretty slow paced due to traffic. This is a traffic jam I wouldn’t mind being a part of!

If there’s one picture to sum up why we love Southern California from the cruise then this is it. From the exotic cars, to the amazing scenery, Southern California is a must visit for those who have never been.

The end destination was at Javier’s Mexican restaurant in Crystal Cove. This shopping center is actually where the original Cars and Coffee was held until it was shut down.

30 or so cars came on the cruise from all makes ranging from Nissan GTR’s to Mustang’s.

Diverse cars & diverse crowd. You don’t need a fancy car to attend these. What’s great is that anyone can come as long as you’re an enthusiast.

Steve’s matte black F430 with another matte black Mercedes CL65 AMG. You’ll see a lot of flat black cars in California.

It was nice to put names to faces but overall it was a good time although we wish the route was a little bit longer. Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in a pack of exotics is just something else. From the cars, to the scenery, to the multimillion dollar mansions up on the hills, this is motivation at it’s finest. Stay tuned as we plan to attend more of the L4P events.