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It’s no surprise that we love Aston Martins at Secret Entourage. All you have to do is look back and notice that we have had four project cars that were all Aston Martins, but really none as incredible as the latest Project Hammerhead.

Our latest project is finally done, and all we can say is that we built the world’s nicest Aston DBS both internally and externally. This was our second DBS and our favorite exotic to date, which you can see based on last months buyers guide of what we believe to be the ultimate Aston. Here are the specs on our latest project:

2011 Aston Martin DBS in Hammerhead silver with Red Fox Interior, 6-speed automatic transmission, and every possible option including the Bang and Olufsen premium audio pack, and 2+2 seating for that one day you meet a midget that needs a ride in the backseat.

The modifications to our car started by reaching out to our best friend in the Aston business, Stuart @, who gave us his performance package for the DBS: a race exhaust, a secondary cat delete system, a set of filters, and an ECU tune. All in all performance worth 46 RWHP added to the car’s 417 RWHP baseline dyno run. Incredible earth shattering V12 sound with amazing throttle response. A must do to any Aston, especially a V12.

For suspension and wheels, we reached out to our partner-in-crime Jordan Swerdloff for a very special set of ADV1 wheels. We wanted to go with a specific design, but ADV1 and its incredible team persuaded us on the ADV 5.2 trackspec competition series in polished and brushed finish.

While we weren’t sure of how it would look, we put it all to a test by asking our audience on IG @icreatemillionares, @secretentourage and @adv1 to vote, and everyone agreed with ADV1 that the 5.2 was the way to go.

This set was unique; however, as ADV1 has not done many DBS cars, and Jordan wanted to make sure the set was near perfect. We waited 30 days before the set even went into production due to the team being so picky about offsets, spokes, and concavity profiles. After 8 weeks of production, our 21” set of ADV 5.2 Track Spec CS series in 3-piece was born, and the results were striking. Having owned four different sets of ADV1 wheels, this set took the cake in just about every way. It was the nicest display of quality, fitment, and design that I had ever seen in my life (I have dealt with thousands of wheels over the past decade). Definitely well worth the wait!

Suspension was provided by H&R springs, but we highly recommend NOT lowering a DBS unless you plan to go with a 21” tire size. It slams the car too low and because of the DBS’ huge fenders and insane wheel gap, it really hurts the whole driving experience as well if you don’t upgrade the wheels and tires.

While most would leave the gigantic carbon ceramic brakes alone, we decided to swap them out for more conventional race pads and rotors. We reached out to Racing Brake in CA to provide us with a set of their unique steel rotor conversion; the only one in existence for the DBS.

The results actually worked well despite the rotors being heavier, the car behaved with less tail spin and created a much more stable ride. This is a good alternative if you need brakes but don’t want to cough up $30,000 for new pads and rotors.

Finally, we decided to put a few finishing touches to our car by changing the interior from the cheap aluminum fascia to the Piano black fascia, and we swapped all interior lights and the daytime running lights for newer LED lights creating a more modern DBS at night.

There you have it; perfecting the most perfect exotic to date and building the nicest DBS we have yet to see anywhere.

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